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SlayedBy Jordan

Professional hairstylist, famous for showcasing his skills on his SlayedBy Jordan YouTube channel, specializes in styling and wigs.

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In the video, you'll see SlayedBy Jordan give us a detailed look at deep wave wig, which allows you to see the wig in its original state before wearing it.

The lace is very thin and blends well with the color of the skin. Then there's a detailed video tutorial on how to dye a black wig into Burgundy. Once you've mastered this method, you'll be able to style your black wig as much as you like.

After dyeing the wig, it will bring you a detailed wig wearing tutorial, which can help you quickly master how to wear the wig.

A detailed deep wave wig dyeing and installation-by SlayedBy Jordan

If you have a black wig, you'll want to know how to dye it, because you can change your hair color in any way you want. Today, I will introduce you a detailed tutorial on a 26inch deep wave wig, Mongolian hair with a density of 180%. The video begins and ends with a full demonstration of how the wig works, but if you like, you can go to bgmgirl.com to buy the same wig.

The first is dyeing the human hair wig, and you'll see in the video what tools, what products, and what techniques he uses to dye the wig.

In the whole process of hair coloring, it is necessary to keep the wig soft, comb with a wide tooth comb at any time, take the upper part of the wig for operation, the whole process is neat, do not let the wig into a mess. Wash the wig after dyeing. Be careful to use cool water. Hot water can do great damage to the wig. Then put the wig in the natural wind to dry, do not use a hair dryer, you will see that the natural state of the wig is very beautiful.

When wearing, the wig is first put on the head for preliminary fixing, then the excess wig and lace coming out of the ear are trimmed, and the wig is sewn together with the wig cap at the back of the head, so as to ensure that the wig is more firmly worn.

Then apply the lace evenly along the edge of your hairline until the glue is half dry. In this step, you can use a hair dryer to apply the glue to make the wig stick firmly. Then use a knife to remove the extra lace edge and use the broken hair from your hairline to create baby hair. This is also the secret of making your hairline look more realistic.

Finally, the wig will be taken care of with styling products, and the perfect wig will be worn.