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Kashia Jabre

Kashia Jabre like to share the wig install and wig knowledge, and teach you how to style our wig or hair to be more fashionable. It makes you more attractive and confident.

Video description

First, you’ll see Kashia Jabre introduce the product of BGM hair, what type the wig is, and what gift has in the box. You will see Kashia Jabre how manages the wig before she wears it, and how to wear the wig.

She will give you a detailed description and explain how to wear a wig most naturally. She will teach you how to glue the wig, how to cut the lace by yourself, and how to make the wig stick on your head sturdy. And you will see the perfect wearing effect at the end of the video. If you like the style that Kashia Jabre bring you today, you can go to bgmgirl.com and choose the wig that suits you.

Best bob wig install and style tutorial—by Kashia Jabre

The wig Kashia Jabre shared in the video is a natural black Straight Brazilian Bob Wig, 180% density, 12 inches long, and the size of the lace is 13×6 lace frontal wig. You can see in the video that the wig at this length is very cool and with personality.

You can point out your gorgeous appearance and healthy hair quality, which makes you shining and beautiful. Welcome come and buy the same type of wig with Kashia Jabre. Follow the video description and you can get the same hairstyle.

Now, we get started wearing a straight bob wig.

First, before you put the wig on your hand, you should do some preparation this time, you can prepare a curling iron to manage the wig layer by layer. This step will make the hair of the wig more smooth and neat when you wear it, this is the secret to why other wig-wearing effect looks better than yours.

After you managed the wig, it’s time to put it on your head. You should wear the wig cap advanced, make sure there is no hair exposed outside, then put on the human hair wig and adjust it to a proper place.

Now you should glue on your hairline and ensure the wig cap will not fall off, at the same time, this can also protect your natural hairline, you won’t need to stick the harsh glue on your hairline.

And stick the wig into your hand and make natural baby hair, and you will see the wearing effect is amazing!