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Love Reesie

A girl who is very interested in wigs, hair styling, and skincare. Like to share the video about wig install tutorials, play dress up play with hair, and so on.

Video description

Love Reesie will make an unboxing at the beginning of the video, to show you what is in the box, and make a brief display about the Bgmgirl hair’s wig.

Then Love Reesie will make customize the wig to suit his skin and hairline better. Before that, she will teach you how to install a wig most naturally.

And next is how to style a wig. Different from others, you can learn how to make a braid style with Love Reesie. And you will see a beautiful and gorgeous human hair wig install.

Mongolian Hair Deep Wave Wig Install— by Love Reesie

The Love Reesie used in the video is a deep wave 13x4 lace front wig. This wig is suited for most girls and you can see it’s a wig that suits braid.The style Love Reesie made in the video is amazing, and I know you must want to have a try. So, you can buy the same wig on Bgmgirl and you can get the same hairstyle with Love Reesie.

This beautiful wave with the braid in the frontal can better feature your charming characteristics and fashionable personality. The length of this wig is 26inch and the density is 180%, which is very suit for your daily wear.

As you can see in the video, the Love Reesie bleach the lace frontal first and wash it after 30 minutes.

Then use a special shampoo and conditioner to wash the wig to ensure the wig is deeply taken care of and prevent the hair become frizzy and shedding. And then put the wig in the natural air to dry.

The next day, take out the wig and do some preparation job before we install it. You can set aside some hair in front of the hairline to do baby hair later and manage the hairline to make sure the hair is neat using a hot comb. Pluck the hair of the hairline to make sure the wig is more natural and fits your skin.

The next step is install, you can see how Love Reesie install an immaculate wig, and then she will teach you how to make a natural baby hair and braid on the wig to make a different wig style. You can see the wearing effect is amazing right? If you like it, buy the same wig now: Bgmgirl hair deep wave wig.