20 inch Body Wave Wig Length

20 inch body wave wig length is a concern for many girls who want to buy wigs. Because the body wave is a popular wig texture in recent years, and 20-inch wigs are a popular wig length. It is easy to make sure how long is a wig by using certain methods, if you want to know more, read on.

How long is a 20 inch body wave wig

20 inch is about 50 centimeters, its length is just around the shoulder, not too long and not too short. 20 inch is usually the length from the top of the head to the end of the hair, which is an excellent way to highlight the unique temperament of women. The size we're talking about is the length of the hair itself, so curly hair makes a 20-inch body wave shorter than straight hair. The actual length of the 20-inch body wave is equivalent to 16 inches of straight hair. If you want the actual length of your hair to be 20 inches, then your body wave wig should be 24 inches.

If say it is long hair, rather than medium-long hair. You can measure it with a tape measure. If you haven't bought a wig yet, use a ruler to compare the approximate length and determine what size you would fit.

What’s the length difference between the straight, wavy, and the curly

20 inch Body Wave Wig Length

As can be seen from the picture, curly hair will consume a certain length compared to straight hair, which means that the corresponding length of curly hair will look shorter than it is. A curly wig in 14 inches is equal to a wavy wig in 12 inches, and a wavy wig in 12 inches is equal to a straight wig in 10 inches. The length difference between them is still very obvious, so in order to achieve the effect you want to wear the wig, you need to choose the length you want according to this wig length chart.

How to correctly measure the length of different wigs

Weaves measurement

You should stretch the hair, make sure the hair is a complete extension, and don't measure it under ordinary conditions. and then measure from the left to the right horizontally.

Wig measurement

Place the wig horizontally, comb and straighten the hair, and measure it from the very top to the end vertically. Don't just take a random strand of hair, measure the longest part of the hair instead. Because in order to ensure the realistic effect of the wig, each hair is not the same length.

Bob wig measurement

To the bob wig measure, the length should be measured from 1 inch above your ear down to the bottom of the wig when the wig is placed on your head or on the mannequin head.

20 inch body wave wig wearing and maintaining tips

Wig wearing

The wig-wearing is an important element to decide whether the wig installation is invisible or not. So, there are many tips about wig-wearing for you to reference.

-When wearing a wig, be gentle and do not rub the wig violently, which will make the hair frizzy and difficult to take care of.

-Try to avoid tearing the lace when wearing it. Lace is very tough without external force, but it cannot be treated with violence.

-The effect will be better if the hair is arranged after wearing the wig.

-When removing the wig, store the wig in a place that is not easy to reach.

Maintaining tips

Because this is medium-long hair and it is also curly hair, we must pay attention to human hair wig maintenance. It can not only prolong the wig service time but also can keep your wig hair always smooth and soft.

-Do not use hot water when you wash the wig, the cold water or warm water is better.

-Use low PH shampoo and conditioner for wigs

-Apply coconut oil or essential oil to your hair to hydrate it, making the wig always glossy and shining.

-Store the wig in the proper place, place the wig on a mannequin head or in a hairnet to protect it from friction.

Final words

body wave wig

20 inch body wave wig length is the just right length for most girls. And the price of this length is affordable, BGMgirl currently has a back-to-school promotion, which is a great deal, and it is the best time for you to buy wigs!