Dome Wig Cap is a completely unique wig cap design technology of the BGMgirl Hair. It is a breathable, skin-friendly, greater wrapped, and greater high-quality wig designed through us to enhance customers’ wig-sporting enjoy and comfort. What are the alternative functions of Dome Wig Cap? Let's discover together.

What is the dome wig cap?

The dome wig cap stands for the 3-D dome cap designed for glueless wear and go wigs. This is a brand-new wig kind in BGMgirl Hair, to convey the wig wearers a greater comfortable and breathable wig-wearing enjoy. The principal function of the dome wig cap is larger, three-dimensional, fabric greater skin-friendly, greater suit head shape, and greater secure.

What different experiences can a dome wig cap bring to the wearer?

wear-and-go-wigsStronger wrapping

Unique design: The 3D hair cap is more three-dimensional, while the larger hair cap can wrap your entire head. Upgrade the wig lace from 4 x 4 HD lace to 4 x 6 HD lace wig.

The wig cap was upgraded to the new 3D dome cap, more wrapped and bigger than the old one. The old wig cap is small and the material looks shapeless. On the contrary, the 3D dome cap can wrap your whole head from the forehead to the tail of your head. And it is friendly to a girl with a big head, no more worrying about a wig cap that's too small and tight and makes you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the expanded lace area can better help you complete the wig-wearing, no longer worry about whether the edge will expose your real hair.

Skin-friendly material

Unique design: The material for the human hair wig cap has been upgraded to high-quality nylon and canvas, plus a flexible design.

The biggest feature of the 3D dome cap is soft and elastic. Discard the traditional weave exposure is easy to hurt the scalp, which is shapeless and inelastic, and often makes you feel uncomfortable and pierced skin, especially for the girl with sensitive skin. The new dome wig cap can make the appearance of the material very soft when you touch it. And the wig cap is designed to be elastic, which can allow you to have more adjustment space. If your head is small, the elastic wig cap will stick to your head better, and if your head is bigger, the adjustment space can allow you to extend the wig cap so that you can also wear a wig effortlessly and not feel tight.

More breathable

Unique design: Mesh cap design allow more gas to pass through, making it breathable and airy when you wear the wig.

Traditional wig caps are solid wig caps, and although the material of it is breathable canvas, it still has a thick and big solid wig cap cover on your head, it is very hot, especially in the summer. Wearing a wig at 40 degrees Celsius is the equivalent of wearing a winter hat. To make the wig wearer more comfortable, BGMgirl design a new wig cap—a 3D mesh dome wig cap, which is a reticular structure made of breathable material. The unique mesh wig cap design is like breathable lace, allowing air to pass through easily. The hair cap is a combination of rows, each row is connected by an elastic hollow structure in the middle, which can give you the most breathable experience.

More security

Unique design: There is a piano elastic band inside of the dome wig cap, which can allow you to adjust the size within 1 inch.

The traditional wig cap is many little wig clips inside the wig cap, you should let the clips hooked to the hair to hold the wig in place. The clips were heavy and will cause some harm to your scalp and hair when you make large movements with the body. We change the clips into a wide adjustable band, which can secure the wig-wearing safety and at the same time it is almost non-existent. This design can be a great improvement to our wear and go wigs that received much customer praise.

Wear and go wigs with a 3D dome wig cap in BGMgirl Hair


BGMgirl's glueless wear and go wigs have always had a lot of loyal fans because we are constantly improving the technology and design to bring the best products and experiences to our customers. Our wear and go glueless lace wig with upgraded 3D dome cap and lace are really worth trying. We have verities textures and even the colored glueless wig is available.

Final words

Different from the other wig brands, we have the most comfortable dome wig cap and the best hair quality, making you feel more comfortable and breathable when you wear the wig. To learn more about high-quality human hair, visit bgmgirl hair.