how to take care of a wig

Winter is the season when wigs are most likely to dry out, generate static electricity, or become knotted. The perfect condition of the wig can ensure the perfection of our styling, so it is necessary to keep the wig in good condition. This article will give you a detailed answer to the wig static electricity, drying, knotting and other problems.

Why are human hair wigs prone to static in winter

Hair static is caused by dry hair seeking to pull moisture out of the air. When the wig becomes dry, it will obtain moisture from the external environment, and winter is precisely the dry season in the air, so the human hair wig is easy to generate static electricity. How to effectively prevent the generation of static electricity is the first problem that girls who like to wear wigs need to solve.

How to get static out of human hair wigs


1. Don't use plastic combs

Plastic is one of the main culprits of easy to produce static electricity in winter, in winter, all plastic products may bring a lot of static electricity. If you want to rid your hair of static shock, try a metal or wooden comb.

2. Use antistatic products

Apply an anti-static product to your hair to reduce static electricity. Use hair spray, mousse, and wax to add moisture to your hair, keep it hydrated and eliminate static.

3.Keep your hands moist

Dry hands touching your hair for a long time can also cause static electricity. In the winter, if you touch your hair with your hands, you will find severe static electricity, because dry hands and hair produce static electricity. If you apply some hand cream and then touch your hair, you will find that your hair will not be affected in any way. If your hair or hands are very dry, you will notice that there is a lot of static electricity. The static electricity disappeared just by moisturizing my hands. Therefore, use a small amount of serum to avoid drying your hands.

4. Use an ionic hair dryer

Ionic hair dryers can eliminate most of the static electricity in the hair, while blowing the hair will also make the hair become soft, that is because the elimination of most of the static electricity. If you need to use a hair dryer when styling, use an ionic hair dryer.

5. Store the wig in a friction-free environment

Any friction in the environment will produce static electricity, hair is very easy to produce static electricity, so stay away from the environment that may be subjected to friction. Good wig storage conditions can also extend the life of the wig, so that the wig always maintain luster.

Why do human hair wigs tend to dry out in winter

Dry weather is the main reason why wigs are easy to dry. Winter weather is dry, moisture loss is fast, so the wig is easy to dry. Not only human hair wigs, but our own hair is also prone to become dry in the winter, so moisturizing is a problem we must pay attention to.

How to moisturize human hair wigs in winter


1. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners are the most likely to affect the moisture level of your hair. You may find that after a certain cleaning of the wig, the hair becomes extra dry, it is likely that the shampoo and conditioner are not moisturizing enough, resulting in a large loss of water in the hair.

2. Don't wash wig too often

Frequent cleaning of the wig will make the wig water loss too fast, a lot of water in the hair is lost in the cleaning process. And pay attention to the natural air drying of hair after cleaning, do not dry the hair, will increase the friction on the hair, increase the possibility of static electricity.

3. Wig products should moisturize

Make sure that any product you use on your hair is moisturizing, not drying it out after use. Such as shampoo, conditioner, hair wax, hair gel and other products.

4. Use conditioner on your hair

A very simple method is to simply take a drop of apple cider conditioner in your hands, rub it between your palms, lightly rub it into your hair, and comb it through. Static electricity disappears and your hair becomes cleaner. Restore completely healthy hair. Gives shine to hair without static electricity. Apple cider conditioner can also be used to remove static electricity from feet and wicker. Just put a small amount on your palm again, spread it over your palm and wipe your feet. Reduces static electricity that builds up on pants and skirts in the winter.

Why do human hair wigs get tangled easily in winter

Winter wear thicker clothes, hair is not easy to manage, will make the hair easy to tangle. In addition, dry air causes hair to generate a lot of static electricity, making hair more prone to frizz.

How to prevent human hair wig from tangling

1.Condition your hair regularly to keep it moist

When cleaning the wig, do not omit the step of conditioner, which is the most basic guarantee of hair moisture. If you have enough time, do a deep moisturizing hair treatment. use coconut oil or mix coconut oil with honey and leave it in your hair for 30 minutes to moisturize effectively.

2. Minimize the use of hot tools

Hot tools make hair styling through high temperature, and hair at high temperature is easy to cause water evaporation, the damage caused to hair is very serious, so use hot tools as little as possible, or apply heat protectant before you use it.

3. Consistently brush the wig hair

Static electricity will make your hair very messy; you can use a comb to comb the hair often, especially in the outdoors, and sometimes coupled with windy weather, will make the hair more prone to tangles.

Final words

Winter is the season when wigs are prone to static electricity, drying and knotting, so the care of wigs is very important. As long as you care for it, the wig can be very smooth and silky in winter.

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