Lace front hairstyles is very changeable, allowing you to quickly create a variety of hair styles to match different styles of makeup and clothing. If you usually have a single hairstyle, you can follow this article to learn about various hairstyles and discover a variety of possibilities.

What Is a Lace wig

Lace wig refers to a wig made of lace as the material of the wig cap. The advantage of this wig is that it is very real and natural.

Through the combination of ultra-thin lace and human hair, it can be very good to create a real wig, which looks like a real person's scalp. Lace human hair wigs, as the most realistic wigs that are closest to human scalp on the market at present, are loved by the majority of consumers.

6 Lace wig hairstyles recommendation

Lace wig hairstyles can also be varied, just like our own hair, you can achieve any hairstyle. Here are a few simple and versatile lace wig hairstyles:

Middle Part Lace Front Wig Styles


The middle part is a more basic wig hairstyle, because when you buy a wig, the default shape of the wig is the middle part. You don't have to change anything to get this hairstyle. However, not everyone is suitable for this hairstyle, the middle part is more suitable for girls with short faces, if you have a very long face, the middle part will make your face appear more elongated. The distribution type can choose natural black, which looks simple to the extreme, but it is a very age-reducing and face-slimming hairstyle, which has the fresh wind of a little girl and a little sexy.

Side Part Lace Front Hairstyles


Side part is perfect for square-faced girls. Long hair side distribution type is super feminine, one side of the fringe is tucked back, one side is naturally scattered along the cheek, there is an asymmetric weight sense, which can make the square face more three-dimensional.

The four-six side distribution type can make the forehead and jaw lines softer, weaken the hard-liner sense of the square face, and can roll out some curvature with a curling iron at the end of the hair, which is more fashionable.

Big side is a full forehead hair style, bangs more side of the face down, there is an obvious slimming effect, plus a slightly fluffy shoulder-length short hair, super taste. It's also a classic, timeless hairstyle that makes it easy to create the perfect look.

Bob Cute Lace Front Hairstyles


In this ever-changing era, fashion trends are constantly changing. However, among the many wig hairstyles, there is one hairstyle that has always retained its unique charm, and that is the Bob. The Bob is a very popular hairstyle, the length is near the neck, the whole shows a natural arc of the buckle, suitable for various face shapes, very smooth. Bob is a hairstyle with a history. For those who pay attention to youth and fashion, bob head is undoubtedly the best choice. In addition, the care of Bob wig is very simple. To create a stylish Bob hairstyle, simply use a hair dryer and wax or hairspray.

How to choose a Bob Hairstyle:

-For those with a more rounded face, you can choose a short Bob with a slight fringe to adjust the face shape.

-For those with thin faces, a long Bob is an option to balance out the face. In addition, you can choose straight or curly hair according to your preference.

Medium Length Wavy Style


Medium length wavy curls are stylish and add volume to your look. Not only the temperament is good, but also because the wavy hair is charming and highlights the femininity, and the matching and middle points are more temperament. Random scattered on the shoulder is particularly charming temperament, and it is also very good to combine with the middle part of the facial makeup and three-dimensional features.

Wavy Ombre Hairstyles for Lace Front Wigs

Ombre have always been a very fashionable lace front wig hairstyles, you can have a lot of choices, black and brown ombre with wavy are the most popular, the top and bottom pairs are very striking, with a curl and fluffy look, look young and fashionable.

Half Up Half Down Ponytail Wigs Hairstyles


Different from the ordinary high ponytail, the half up half down ponytail just ties up one third of the hair on the upper part of the back of our head, and the lower part of the hair is draped over the shoulders, retaining the gentle intellectuality of the long hair, and showing the playful vitality of the high ponytail, which is more fashionable. The main point of half a high ponytail is to tie the ponytail to be high, with the front can see the hair of the hairband, so as to modify the face shape, as well as improve our overall proportion.

Frequently asked questions about the lace wig hairstyles

What are the types of lace wig

There are usually three types of lace: transparent lace, HD lace, and brown lace. In general, HD lace is thinner and more invisible, transparent lace is more durable, and brown lace is rarely used because it is not very close to the color of the scalp.

Can you put your hair up with a lace front wig?

No. This is one of the drawbacks of lace front wigs. The forehead hairline of a lace wig is fixed by glue, but there is no corresponding fix at the head and tail, so if the hair is lifted, it will be more unnatural.

Is A lace wig good for your hair?

Of course, lace wigs are very scalp-friendly. You can protect your natural hair by wearing wigs to make the growth of natural hair healthier. However, when buying glue, be sure that the glue will not harm the scalp, otherwise wearing the wig for a long time will also damage the health of the hair.

Are lace front wigs a great option?

A lace front wig is a good choice. It has fewer restrictions, can meet the needs of different shapes, and the wearing effect is natural and real, is a good choice.

How long should you keep a lace wig on?

Generally, wigs are worn for 1-4 weeks. You must remove the wig in time for cleaning and care to ensure that the wig can be reused for a long time. Wigs, like real hair, need your careful care.

Final words

There are many kinds of lace wig hairstyles. You can try more and boldly find the hairstyle that suits you. It will improve your appearance and temperament to a great extent.

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