Ice Spice are known for appearing in ginger curls hair. Is Ice Spice hair a wigIs her hair naturally this color? And what kind of wig was she wearing to create such a realistic, natural effect? These questions have been puzzling the public, want to know the answers to the questions let's continue to read.

Does ice spice wear a wig

Yes, it is. Ice Spice’s hair is a wig, she admitted it herself, and showed a picture of her in high school as a comparison, where it was obvious that her high school hair was black, so Ice Spice dose wear the wig.


You can clearly see from this photo that Ice Spice is indeed a natural black hair, and the various blonde wig, ginger wig, and brown hair wig we usually see are all wigs she wears. ice spice has mentioned the reason why she likes to wear wigs, as a rapper, wearing distinctive, iconic wigs, especially bright colored wigs, can let the audience remember her at first sight, but also as a unique symbol, in order to impress the audience, so after the ginger Bob became popular, she often wore it. The wig changed her hairstyle like no other.

What is Ice Spice real hair color

Ice Spice’s real hair color is black. The evidence for her black hair comes from an interview in which she personally posted high school photos, and she personally admitted that her natural hair is black.

Ice Spice, born in 2001 in the United States, is an American female rap singer. She's a mix of Latina and Black. With her signature ginger curls hair and catchy songs everywhere, she is a worthy princess of rap, and her unique wig hairstyle has brought her many different looks. She has always been famous for her changeable shape, wearing different styles of long and short and colorful of wigs on various occasions, so as to create a distinctive and personalized style. But behind the variety of his hairstyle, his natural hair is actually black color, and a variety of styles are created by wearing human hair wigs. Coupled with his youthful energy, his vocals effortlessly spread the songs viral, winning many people's loves.

How does ice spice without wig look like

As you can see from the picture above, Ice Spice has black natural hair when she is not wearing a wig. In photos posted on her social media platform, it can be seen that she is currently wearing wigs all the time, the most common is still the trademark brown Bob, followed by long straight ginger wig, which is currently her two favorite styles. So based on the color of her natural hair, we can imagine that ice spice is a natural black hair without a wig.

6 Ice Spice wig to help you get the same hairstyle

Ice Spice straight hair

Ice Spice has very little straight hair, except for her early high school hairstyles, but she also likes a variety of long, straight hair in various colors, such as long brown hair, long blonde hair, and long ginger hair, but no straight black hair.


Ice Spice long hair

In addition to her signature ginger afro, Ice Spice also has many long hair styles, as seen in photos posted on her social media, she loves colorful long hair, whether it's curly or straight, such as brown curly hair, ginger long straight hair, etc.


Ice Spice black hair

Ice Spice is known for her colorful hair, so she rarely wears a black wig, and she does not often appear in front of the public, 90% of the time wearing a colored wig, if you want to try a different look from ice spice, you can buy a black wig.


Ice Spice red hair wig

Red hair is also one of ice spice's favorite hair color, there are many people think that ice spice was born red hair, because her wig wearing technology is very flawless, looks very natural, so we almost hardly find that she is wearing a wig, she has a lot of red hair short hair, as well as red hair long hair modeling, both are well worth trying.


Ice Spice short hair wig

Ice Spice 's two most common hairstyles are short, one is a short ginger hair afro, which is her most distinctive, classic and iconic hairstyle; Another hairstyle is short straight bob, the end of the hair slightly curled up, forming a very playful, cute and has a unique personality hairstyle.


Ice Spice ginger hair wig

In the public's impression, Ice Spice has always been ginger hair, because this is also her most common in front of the public a wig hairstyle, if you want to try, you may wish to buy a ginger human hair, which is also a very lee-colored fall color wig, you can wear long straight hair or curly hair, or a Bob, whatever you like.


How to create an ice spice ginger Bob hairstyle

The Ice Spice ginger Bob is still very easy to learn, as long as you have a matching ginger wig, follow these four steps to easily create the same hairstyle.


1. Prepare a ginger Bobo wig, preferably a high-quality virgin female hair. If you want a more natural look, you can use a lace front wig. If you want a more concise look, you can use a non-adhesive wig.

2. Wear the wig naturally on your head, pay attention to be sure to wear the wig cap, which can help you achieve a more natural effect. If you have long hair, you should put all your hair up, and then wear a wig cap, otherwise it will look very big.

3. Observe whether the length of the hair is the right length, preferably to the shoulder or shoulder position. This is the right length after styling. If the length of your hair is too long, it can be properly trimmed.

4. Finally take out the curling iron and curl the end of the hair outwards, so that the end of the hair forms an outward turning up arc.

Final words

Although Ice Spice is "ordinary", she can be different from other people, which is a very rare thing. She may have some advantage in her impressive appearance. Her ginger afro wig looks soft and cute under her control, and the lyrics of her rap songs form a sharp contrast. If you want to try the same Ice Spice wig, come to BGMgirl to pick it up.

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