Wig design has been in continuous innovation, through the continuous update of wig design, in order to bring you a more comfortable experience. The M-cap wig is a new type of glue-free wig that is about to become a popular trend throughout the wig world. Next, from the design concept, wig characteristics, product advantages for you to introduce in detail: What is a M-cap wig.

What is a M-cap Glueless Wig


The M-cap glueless wig is a brand-new wig that capabilities an M-shape layout at the front of the forehead, 9x6 outsized invisible HD lace, a period of nine inches throughout and six inches in period, no glue required to wear, and 180% natural density. In addition to the fundamental configuration of the wig cap, there are numerous extra new designs, including a movable comb within the wig cap, C form ear layout, and anti-slip adjustable elastic band to make certain that the wig may be firmly connected to the head. These are a number of the fundamental designs M-cap wigs have.

5 Advanced Features of M-cap Glueless Wig

1. Upgraded 9×6 HD Lace

Large lace will give you more styling opportunities. Now you don’t want to be limited to making exaggerated wigs through small lace positions, because 9×6 high-definition lace can definitely meet your needs. Both deep and loose partings can be achieved, while the 9x6 lace layout helps simulate the hairline of natural hair. Providing a larger closure position allows higher coverage of the top seam, making the overall look more realistic. The large lace layout provides increased comfort and avoids tightness.


2. Pre-Bleached Tiny Knots Technology

This technology has two benefits. First, pre-bleaching the hair knots can reduce the time you spend arranging the wig. It is truly designed for lazy people, allowing you to wear the wig as soon as you get it. Secondly, ordinary hair knots are upgraded to smaller tiny wig knots, which makes the part of the wig that simulates the scalp more realistic and greatly improves the wearing effect.

3. C-Shape Ear Protection Design

C-Shape Ear Protection Design is a highlight of this wig cap upgrade. This C-shaped design can well avoid the position of the ears and prevent the ears from being compressed. It is also a very friendly design for girls who wear glasses. Even if you wear glasses, your ears will not hurt due to the pressure of the wig cap. This design greatly improves the comfort of wearing a wig and is very considerate.


4. Removable Combs

A removable comb adds stability to the hair and ensures a more solid style. Unlike in the past, M-cap glueless wig's comb can be adjusted to suit different hairstyles and ways of wearing it. At the same time, it also has great flexibility, if you usually do not wear a comb, feel that the comb will bring a burden to your scalp and hair, you can also remove the comb. This is a very easy to adjust the design, so that different people choose to wear their own way.

5. Anti-Slip Adjustable Elastic Strip

The anti-slip adjustable elastic strip can efficaciously save you the wig from sliding on the head and enhance the carrying consolation and stability. The elastic band may be adjusted in keeping with the dimensions of the top to evolve to exclusive head girth, making sure a higher fit. The layout of the elastic band can growth the steadiness of the wig cap and decrease the hazard of falling off, that is especially appropriate for the activities with greater activities. Adjusting the elastic band could make the wig less difficult to place on and take off, simplifying the process.

How to Wear a M-cap Glueless Wig

The wearing method of M-cap Glueless Wig is basically the same as that of 4×6 glueless wig. The only difference is that M-cap glueless wig has a movable comb design more than ordinary glueless wig. Before wearing the wig, you can adjust the position of the comb according to your needs and whether to use the comb, and then adjust the adjustment belt, you can easily wear the wig. The whole process does not take long, and beginners can learn quickly.

BGMgirl M-cap Real Customer Review

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Final words

BGMgirl M-cap wig is definitely a humane wig you should try, and the thoughtful design will make you tempted to buy back, if you are still struggling to choose between and 4×6 wig, check out this article: 9×6 M-Cap Wig VS 4×6 Glueless Wig: How To Choose.