If you are ready to buy a wig, then your biggest concern, perhaps should be how much money it costs to install a wig, in fact, whether it is installed by yourself or find a hair stylist installation, it is necessary to spend some money. So, let's take a look at how much it costs to install a wig.

How much does a wig installation cost

A wig install can cost from $100 to $800. How much it costs depends on three factors: 1. Whether you install it yourself or go to a stylist; 2. Whether you have installed human hair wig or synthetic wig; 3. The tools you use to install the wig. If you want to know more about the difference, you can read on.

How much does a wig installation cost at home

The cost of installing a wig at home is about $100, in fact, there is no cost to install the wig at home. The cost here refers to the cost of the tools you need to buy to install the wig.

Install a wig need to use a lot of tools, the price of these tools adds up to about $100, and some tools are our own daily life will also need to use, so there is no need to buy, you only need to buy some you do not have, and install the wig is needed tools.

The tools needed to install the wig: wig cap, wig glue, edge comb, eyebrow razor, melting band, hair wax, hot comb, contour palette, root touch-up, blow dryer, melting spray.


All you need to install a wig is the above tools you can see what you need to buy, such as curling iron and hair dryer, these daily supplies do not need to buy again, and wig cap, scissors these are purchased once, and then can be used for a long time products, so what we say is a basic installation price, in fact, can be considered very cost-effective, because with these tools you can use them to install a wig countless times.

How much does a wig install cost at barbershop

Going to a barber shop to install a wig can cost between $200 and $800. If you install a synthetic wig, the price is a little lower, about $200 to $400, and if you install a real human hair wig, the price is a little higher, about $300 to $800.


The cost of going to the barber shop to install the wig is undoubtedly much more expensive than installing it at home, but it has an advantage that the wig installed in the barber shop will be more perfect and more natural, because the barber's modeling skills must be higher than that of our ordinary people. And the cost of going to the barber shop to install a wig depends on the type of wig we install, if it is synthetic hair, then it is relatively simple to install. The installation of synthetic hair is mainly to play a role in changing the appearance and to attend some activities. The installation requirements of real human hair wig will be much higher than synthetic hair, because its purpose is to wear a wig, so as to achieve almost the same effect with real hair, the installation of real hair must look flawless, is realistic, so as to play the role of the wig itself.

Where to get a wig installed

You can install the wig yourself at home, have a friend install the wig, or go to a barber shop to find a professional hair stylist. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your needs:

1. Install it yourself at home.

You can install it yourself at home by learning videos on the Internet. At the beginning, the effect of installation may not be natural, but as long as you choose high-quality real hair, then the requirements for installation skills are not so high. It is also the most cost-effective option because it costs the least.

2. Ask a friend to help you install it.

If you buy a glueless wig, then it is relatively simple to install, you can operate yourself. But if you buy a lace frontal wig, you need to trim the lace yourself, you need to fix it yourself, then the operation process may be a little complicated, you can find a clever friend to help you install, so the operation will be a lot more convenient.

3. Go to a barber shop for installation.

The cost of this way will be much higher than the first two, but its installation effect must be the best, can let you buy high quality, real hair to play his greatest role, can give you a most flawless and perfect wearing experience.

How long does a wig install last

The duration of the wig installation is usually 2 to 5 weeks. Its duration is determined by the installation method, the glue used, and your daily habits.

If you go to a barber shop to install it, the duration is usually three to five weeks. Because the professional hair stylist has mature wig install technology, can help you to install the wig the most perfect and fit the skin. If you install it yourself, you can choose some strong adhesive glue, waterproof glue, and can also maintain for a long time. At the same time, we can put on a silk pillowcase when we sleep, so as to avoid excessive friction of the hair and extend the wearing time of the wig.

How to install a wig yourself

Installing your own wig is still very convenient, just follow the following 6 simple steps to operate, you can also get a natural and realistic wig installation effect:

1. Wear a wig cap. It can save you your herbal hair from displaying out, and it may increase the wig final time.

2. Put the wig in your head, regulate the location, regulate it in the front of the mirror, flatten the lace, comb the hair smoothly, and align the hair seam with the location you want. Apply glue in your hairline and wait till the glue is 1/2 of dry to decrease the lace and stable it.

3. You can use powder or basis to color the lace shadeation, in order that the shadeation of the lace and your pores and skin shadeation greater incorporated and closer.

4. Remove extra lace and trim the lace edges to create a herbal toddler hair.

5. Complete the wig installation.

The most money-saving wig:glueless wig

- If you buy lace frontal wig that need glue, you will need to buy a lot of tools to install the wig, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of your wig installation. And the operation process is complex and requires a lot of skills.

- If you buy real hair, choose to go to a hair stylist to install, you will spend a lot of money.


If you choose a glueless wig, then you are undoubtedly choosing the most economical and convenient wig to wear. Glueless wigs can be quickly installed in 3 seconds because our wigs are pre-cut lace, pre-plucked hairline and pre-styled. Everything is done for you to help you save money on buying tools and finding a hair stylist, so that you can get the most perfect experience with the least money saving.

Final words

Whether you install your wig at home or find a professional hair stylist to install it, you need to choose a high-quality human hair wig, so as to achieve the best wig install effect, if you want to save some money, at home installation is also a very good choice.

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