Peekaboo braids are a recently popular braided hair style. Different from previous braids, peekaboo braids can make your hair more colorful and different. So, what is peekaboo braid? How should you make peekaboo knotless braids? Let's read on.

What are peekaboo braids

Peekaboo braids are hairstyles that add some colorful braids to the traditional braid hairstyle. Peekaboo braids are usually done by adding a small section of braids to the inside of the hair that is different from the rest of the hair color, thus adding color layer and style layer to the whole hair style.


This style is similar to an ombre, but instead of going from top to bottom, it goes from the outside to the inside. Since the braid is on the innermost bottom, it is not easy to show the outside. In everyday life, others may see just a black braid, but when you move your hair or head, it will reveal hidden inside peekaboo box braids at the end and roots, making the whole hairstyle unique and giving people an unexpected sense of surprise. Peekaboo braids are usually made up of a black braid on the entire head, plus colored braids on the inside. Color braids tend to choose red, ginger, blonde, purple, and other more obvious bright colors as peekaboo braids.

How to make peekaboo knotless braids

Choose The Braiding Method

If you have long hair, braid it with your original hair and add colorful human hair extensions to the ends to create the perfect peek-a-boo braids. If you have short hair, or if you want to increase the volume of your hair, you can use whole-hair extensions. You can use black human hair extensions for the front and colored human hair extensions for the ends.

Get Hair Extensions

If you want to increase the volume of hair, then you should prepare at least 2 to 4 bundles, the specific amount depending on how thick you want the braid to be, and how long you want it to be. Also prepare one or two colored bundles for making peekaboo braids.

Prepare Your Hair

Wash and dry the hair, and divide it into several zones. You can partition the size of the zone at will, or you can partition it according to the thickness of the braid you want.

Start Braiding

Braid your authentic hair first, and close to the stop, upload human hair extensions and braid the hair right into a long, whole braid. When you're approximately to extrade to the stop, be cautious to update the braided hair with coloured extensions.

Finish Braid

Tie a rubber band on the stop of the hair to create a knotted peekaboo braid, or a knotless peekaboo braid. At this point, the whole braid system is whole.

The most popular peekaboo knotless braids color

Peekaboo knotless braids red


Red is a peekaboo braids color that more people like to choose, because it can form the most obvious contrast with black, most people will choose to use black hair in the outer layer, use red as peekaboo hair in the inner layer, if you do not know what color, you can use black and red. These two colors are always the most coordinated and perfect match.

Peekaboo braids green


Why was green chosen for peekaboo braid? Because it's obvious enough. It's bright enough. In real life, you may rarely see people who dye their hair all green, because this color is very unsuitable for daily use and is not suitable for long-term hair style. In that case, you can use this color as a peekaboo hairstyle. Use a small amount of area in the most hidden place as a highlight, inadvertently displayed will appear very personalized.

Peekaboo braids blonde


Blonde is definitely one of the girls most favorite and most want to try the colored wig, if you feel that blonde wig is difficult to control, may wish to try blonde peekaboo wig, black and blonde collocation is also perfect, at the same time, blonde is not like red and green as too bright and bright, it is a relatively low-key, but very bright color, can add a lot of sparkle and layer to your hairstyle.

Peekaboo braids brown


Brown peekaboo hair can be said to be a very inconspicuous color, can be used as an everyday hairstyle, you can put most of the hair into black braids, and then the head and tail is best to use light brown as a highlight, if you choose dark brown, it will be indistinct from black.

Pink peekaboo braids


The pink peekaboo hairstyle is also definitely a hairstyle worth trying, and pink and black are perfect together. One with a cool feeling, one with a sweet feeling, the two together will be somewhat neutralized, giving a sweet and cool feeling.

Grey color peekaboo braids with curly ends


If you don't want your hair to be too rigid, you can curl the tail of the peekaboo braid, which can add a lot of personality and characteristics to your hairstyle, while increasing the styling sense of the hair.

Why should you switch to peekaboo braids?

This is the best method. By choosing bold colors that best represent you, peek-a-boo braids allow those who see you to begin to associate this style with you because of its uniqueness and truly notice you.

How long are peekaboo braids here to stay?

The great thing about this hairstyle is that even though it's been on the rise recently, it's been around in the black community for years, so there's little chance this hairstyle will go out of style anytime soon. is. But if you believe that this hairstyle is perfect for you, it will never go out of style. Rock what you like.

Final words

If you want to do a peekaboo braids hairstyle, this blog will give you the most detailed reference, you can choose the right color according to your preferences, and then make a perfect wig by yourself according to the above steps.

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