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Felicia Ducasse

She was keen on installing wigs and braiding them, and creating a variety of styles with them. Attaching any wig will become a breeze for her, follow her and learn more about wig installing.

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In this video, Felicia Ducasse takes a look at our very popular deep wave wig. At the beginning of the video, you'll see the wig unpacked in its entirety, see what's in a human hair wig and what it looks like when it's unpacked. After the wig is shown, the installation process will be detailed for you.

Deep wave HD lace front wig install-by Felicia Ducasse

You'll see how Felicia Ducasse applies glue to her hairline. This is not a random gesture, you need to apply the glue according to the shape of your hairline, so that after trimming the lace, it will look more realistic.

Then when the glue is half dry, which is when the glue changes from white to transparent, it's at its best, and you need to lower the lace edge of the wig and attach it to your hairline.

After making sure the wig is firmly attached, trim off the excess lace along the hairline where you just attached it. At this time, there may be a small amount of lace not attached, you need to carefully patch the glue.

Felicia Ducasse has documented in the video what happens to the sideburns and baby hair. As you can see, Felicia Ducasse is handling baby hair differently than others, and you'll have a lot to learn about wig fitting after watching this video.

Most people probably confuse a water wave wig with a deep wave, because they are very similar. They are almost the same in terms of curl, but the difference is that deep wave's curls are more layered and tidier. The water wave roll will be more random and natural. As you can see, each layer of deep wave is on the same level, giving the impression that the hair is very elaborate. If you like the look, you can go straight ahead.

In the video, Felicia Ducasse shows off BGM hair's deep wave wig. At 24 inches, it's an everyday wig for most people. It's just the right length to give you the best look without being too heavy. The density of the hair is 180%, and because the volume itself is very expressive, the density is just right to wear on the head, otherwise it would be very large. After watching this video, you may be impressed by the beautiful texture of this wig, so check out bgmgirl hair to choose a high quality wig that suits you.