Curly wig has always been the girl's favorite wig texture, but the wig without the shape is a little monotonous, you can try to make some simple changes to the wig, you can make the wig become unique. Today we bring you 16 of the most popular curly wig hairstyles right now.

Curly wig hairstyles worth trying

1. Curly wig middle part hairstyle


The center part is the most basic hair style of curly wig, which can very well modify the face line. If you have a large face, this hairstyle is the perfect way to hide excess and make the contours of your face look very coordinated.

2. Curly wig side part hairstyle


Long hair curly wig side part of the temperament than short hair, more gentle than long hair temperament. Paired with diagonal bangs, casually puffed up, neatly conceals half of the hairline, and can be easily worn by any face shape.

3. Curly wig C part hairstyle


The C part is a special side part, its parting line is not straight, but presents a "C" shaped arc. Embellish your face and add some design to your hairstyle.

4. Middle part half up half down high ponytail


Middle part half up half down high ponytail has an extra middle parting design in front of the forehead than the ordinary high ponytail hairstyle, which gives the whole hair more layering and design.

5. Side fringe half up half down high ponytail


The first impression brought to people is spontaneous, free and easy. Diagonal bangs can shape the face and make the features more three-dimensional. Compared with the traditional straight eyebrows’ bangs, diagonal bangs appear more personality, and can be very good to decorate the forehead, is a good curly wig hairstyle.

6. Low ponytail


Low ponytail curls can make people look very elegant. You can straighten the front of your hair and tie it into a flat ponytail, leaving loose curls in the back. The straight hair and the curly hair create a strong contrast and make the hairstyle more layered.

7. Middle part braid


For the usual middle cut, this hairstyle adds some braided styling, making the whole hairstyle look very clean and neat.

8. Messy half up half down ponytail

Messy hair is suitable for free and easy girls, if you do not like to be constrained, do not like rigid and neat hair, you can try this messy ponytail by wearing a water wave wig, very atmosphere.

9. Middle part with simple braid


This hairstyle is suitable for everyone who cannot braid hair, it does not have complicated patterns and braiding techniques, just need to take two strands of hair in front of the forehead, and then braid a simple twist.

10. Curly wig with cute bun


This is a popular hairstyle in recent years. Wearing two high updos will look very playful and cute, and make you feel young instantly.

11. High ponytail braid


This is a hairstyle that puts all your hair up. If you don't want the front part of your hair to look too monotonous, you can use braids to add design to the hairstyle.

12. Side fringe hairstyle


Most people wear straight bangs on a regular basis, but diagonal bangs are also a great way to flatter your forehead and let a wig create the hairstyle that best suits your face shape.

13. Curly wig with headband


If the hairstyle is too monotonous, you can choose to add some accessories to the hairstyle. You can choose some patterns, colors more prominent headbands, or dramatic earrings to make your hairstyle to be different.

14. Short bob curly wig


Short Bob with curly hair, perfectfor sexy and personalized girls. You can add a side part of the styling on this basis to make the hairstyle different.

15. Curly hair double ponytail


Hair in women's styling also occupies a very important position, have a suitable hairstyle, to be able to their own temperament is very good, if you want to try a cute hairstyle style, you can try this double ponytail hairstyle.

16. Elegant middle part hairstyle


For this elegant and stylish hairstyle, try a deep wave wig, which will give you an elegant look and exude the charm of a mature woman.

Final words

Curly wig hairstyles are every girl should master, it can help you make a wig to achieve a variety of possibilities, so that your wig to play the maximum role and value.

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