The length of the wig, as the most important factor when we buy a wig, is what we must understand. An 18-inch length wig is the length that many girls prefer to choose when buying a wig, so how long is an 18-inch wig? Let's read on.

What does an 18-inch wig look like?

18 inch straight wig length


The 18-inch wig is in the middle of the shoulder and waist. Since straight hair is not treated in any way, its original length can represent the length it is worn on the head. So, when you get the straight wig, you can use a measuring tape to measure whether the wig is the length you bought. In general, the length of straight hair is the most accurate and you can achieve the effect you are looking for.

18 inch body wave wig length


The length of the 18-inch wavy hair is 10 centimeters below the shoulder, which is considered medium long hair. Because wavy hair has a slight curvature but is not as curly as curly hair, its overall length is 2 inches less than that of straight hair of the same length. In other words, if you buy 18inch wavy hair, it will have the same effect as 16inch straight hair.

18 inch curly wig length


The 18inch curly wig are about 5 centimeters below the shoulders, making it look like a longer Bob wig. Because curly hair is frizzier, it takes longer hair to create the style, so an 18-inch length will give a much shorter effect than straight and wavy hair, especially straight hair. A curly 18-inch hair is only as long as a straight 14-inch hair. So, if you want to buy a wig texture is curly hair, and want to achieve a longer effect, it is best to choose a length of more than 22inch.

How to measure an 18-inch wig length correctly?


First, place the wig on the wig holder.

Then, take a small bundle of hair from the roots, lift it up, and measure by straightening the vertex of the first weft after the lace, not from the wig cap.

If the wig you choose is a large wavy hairstyle with layering, the length may vary from part to part. You have to choose the part with the longest length of hair, and completely straighten the hair to measure, so as to get the exact length of the wig.

You can measure from the top of the hair all the way to the bottom to get the entire length of the wig. For example, if each strand of hair is 16 inches long, if you measure it from the top to the bottom and find that it is longer than 16 inches, then it means that the wig has a layered effect.

Things to consider before buying an 18-inch wig

Hair textures

18-inch curly wig will be a little short, if you want to buy 18-inch-long hair, just choose straight hair. So, if you want to choose an 18-inch wig, you need to do the following steps: 1. Determine the hair type 2. Determine the length you want your wig to be. 3. Check the wig length chart to see if the size you choose is the length you want.

Your height

A wig length of 18 feet is suitable for almost all height girls, because it is a middle value, not as extreme as super long hair or super short hair. If you are particularly tall, you can try other lengths of long hair. If you're particularly short, try a shorter cut.

Your body shapes

If you are of average build, then congratulations, you can pull off almost any hairstyle. If you have a fat body, then you can try straight hair, will be thinner.

Final Words

If you want to choose a wig that is right for you, welcome to try the 18 inch length wig, which is a very versatile length that will allow you to have a variety of styling possibilities.

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