burgundy glueless wig

The burgundy wig newly upgrades the glueless install and 3D dome breathable air cap, which is suited for the hot summer better, and lets you change your outlook much quicker, at the same time, giving you a high-quality and comfortable experience.

What color is 99J in wigs?

The color of the 99J in a wig is just like the color of the red wine, and we also call it “Burgundy”. This is a color that bright outside in the sun, and deep indoors, so when you go out, you will bring a lively temperature to people, especially in the summer. And indoors, the color will bring a uniquely charming atmosphere.

Why choose burgundy glueless wig

burgundy glueless wig

1. Melt scalp

Pre-plucked natural hairline and the invisible pre-cut HD lace, make the glueless wig melt your scalp better. It's an exact replica of a human natural hairline, the density of the hair and the pre-cut zigzag lace edges, tested by the technology and market, bring you the most comfortable and invisible wig-wearing experience.

2. Beginner friendly

Really glueless, and can achieve 3 seconds wear and go, with no glue, gel, or any other tools needed, no skill is needed, everyone can install it easily.

3. Upgrade wig cap

burgundy wig has changed the old 4×4 inch lace to the 4×6 inch lace, which can enjoy better products for the same price. The 4×6 inch lace wig cap can wrap all your temples and you can wear the wig without any safety worry. And the wig cap is upgraded from the old bloated wig cap to the new elastic and supportive breathable air cap. Change the heavy and hair-pulling clips to the piano elastic strap. You can adjust the size of the wig cap according to your head circumference.

Burgundy glueless wig texture recommendation

The 99J straight glueless wig has received many thumbs up from old and new customers, then we launched the 99J water wave wig and the 99J body wave wig, which are the really classic textures of the wig.

1. 99J water wave glueless wig

burgundy glueless wig

The curl of this wig is small and not regular as a deep wave wig. The wet look of the water wave wig is amazing, so it is very suitable for your vacation or party. If you are looking for a colored wig that suits you for the summer, try the 99J water wave wig.

99J water wave wig hairstyle

Cute Buns style

Cute and young hairstyle for a lovely girl, it’s a hairstyle that suitable for summer, will make you look full of energy and at the same time keep you cool in summer. The hairstyle just needs two rubber scrunchies to put your hair up.

Wet look

The water wave wet look can make the hair looks more delicacy and tidiness. After all, the water wave first becomes famous because of its wet look. If you are going on a vacation on the beach, the wet water wave will make you look sexy and gorgeous. In our daily life, we can make the wet look by spraying mousse on the hair, and you will get the amazing wet water wave look.

Side part hairstyle

Generally, we will pre-style the wig in a middle part style. When you buy the wig at home, you can make a side part style by using the hot comb and hair wax stick. You can change it into the hairstyle whatever you like.

2. 99J body wave glueless wig

burgundy glueless wig

This is a wig with a large curl and volume. And the hair can give you an elegant and intellectual charm. If you want to be different but not too publicized, you can try this 99J body wave glueless wig. The unique color and the elegant curl very make you stand out in the crowd.

99J body wave wig hairstyle

High ponytail

This is a hairstyle that can make you look full of energy because the ponytail always gives people a sense that you are young and lively. You can tie all the hair up or half up half down, the secret of the ponytail hairstyle is to tie it at the top of your head, and the higher the better.

Straight hairstyle

Not only the straight wig can get multiple hairstyles, but body wave also works too. You can use a hair straightener to make the curl become straight. Because the wig is made of 100% human hair, it can be dyed and bleached, and this will not cause harm to the wig even under the hot temperature.

Updo hairstyle

Due to the curl of the body wave being large and will make people look very elegant and beautiful, many people like to make the updo hairstyle by using a body wave wig on the wedding or other important ceremony.

Burgundy glueless wig Outfit matching


This is the most basic collocation, if you don’t know how to match, this option will never make mistakes. You can wear a white T-shirt or a white dress, they all go well with Burgundy hair.

burgundy glueless wig


Dark clothes will make people look cool and sexy, and they also can be a daily match. If you think the color of the burgundy wig is bright, you can wear black clothes instead, this will create a nice visual effect.

burgundy glueless wig

Burgundy+bright color

If you are a girl who is pursuing fashion, you must like clothes in bright colors. Although the Burgundy hair is a colored wig, you can also wear bright colors.

burgundy glueless wig

Final words

If you are looking for a colored glueless wig now, the 99J water wave glueless wig and the 99J body wave glueless wig can be your best choice. These wigs are all suited for daily wear and all-match.