Do you know why human-hair wigs are more expensive? As a wig beginner, this is something worth thinking about. After all, only when you know whether the item has a corresponding value, you will spend money to buy it.

Why are human-hair wigs more expensive?

A human hair wig is a wig that all the hair is derived from real people. Therefore, with as smooth and luster as real hair, it is more expensive. For the material, our hair is collected from real human hair, and at the time of recycling hair, a 10-inch high-quality hair will cost about $30, and a whole wig needs to use 2-3 people's real hair. The longer the hair recycling price will be more expensive because the good texture of long hair is very rare. This is only the half-finished hair, plus the best quality lace, wig cap, accessories, labor costs, and transportation costs, the human hair wig must be more expensive.

Comparison between human-hair wigs and the synthetic wigs


Wig Price

-Human hair wigs: The human hair wigs range in price from 100$ to 500$. There are many elements that can influence the fair price. Different hair lengths, hair densities, colors, and hairstyles will cost different prices. If you want to buy a bob wig, a bob wig in 10 inches, 180 density, the price is about 150$. And a normal water wave glueless wig in 30inch, 180 density is about 340$. This is the price of the natural black. If you want to buy a colored wig or do some style on the wig, it will be higher. Such as the red color lace front wig, 28inch in 150density, the price is about 500$.

-Synthetic wigs: About the synthetic wigs, you can buy them even no more than 50$, even as low as 19.99$. You get what you pay for, the quality can be far worse than real hair. The material and production method often is man-made fibers and fine threads by machine rather than by hand.

Wig cap

-Human hair wigs: Most of the human hair wig will adopt the lace and canvas to make the wig cap. The part in front of the forehead is made of lace and the rest are made of breathable canvas mesh cap. The lace part is all handmade, sew the hair in the lace hole one by one, can immaculate the real human scalp to the largest extent. The wig cap is a 3D dome cap, that can wrap your whole head and the real hair.

-Synthetic wigs: The whole production process of the synthetic wig is machine-making. The wig cap is rougher and the wig parting and the hairline will be very unnatural. It is precisely because of the fine production by hand that we can put very fine hair on the super thin lace, this is a level that machines can't reach.

Wig last time

-Human hair wigs: Human hair wigs can last for at least 1-3 years. If it is a glueless wig, it can be worn for 3 years if you take of it carefully and store it carefully. And the wig that needs glue can be used for 1-2 years. Due to the glue on the hairline, more or less, it will cause some wear and tear on the wig. Wigs are products that are not easily consumed and can be used for a long time. Although the price is more expensive, in the long run, it can achieve the highest cost-effectiveness.

-Synthetic wigs: We often change the synthetic wig every 3-6 months. Because the synthetic wig itself is made of artificial materials, it is not as easy to take care of as our real hair, and perhaps it can have a long service life, but the state of the wig has become very bad. If you ever wear a synthetic wig, you can find that the hair of it is easy to tangle and to be frizzy.

Hair texture

-Human hair wigs: We can say that the hair texture of the human hair wig is even better than your own hair. In fact, most people have bad hair quality. Exposed to dry air for a long time, our hair can easily become yellow and split ends. If you want to change the hair quality, try to wear a wig. The smooth hair texture and the luster will amaze you.

-Synthetic wigs: The hair texture of the synthetic wigs is like plastic, whether you feel or look, you will feel that this hair is very fake, not like real hair. This type of wig is only suited for cosplay and other recreational activity. If you wear it in your daily life, other people will think you're weird.

Diversity of styles

-Human hair wigs: Due to the wig is made of 100% human hair, it can be bleached and dyed just like your own hair. That means you can get multiple hairstyles by only buying a wig. you can change a straight wig into a body wave, water wave, or whatever. And you can also dye it into the other color.

-Synthetic wigs: The synthetic cannot be bleached or dyed. Due to the particularity of the material, it should not be exposed to high temperatures, and no chemicals should be used on it.

Final words

Why human hair wigs are more expensive? By comparing the price, wig cap, wig last time, hair texture, and the diversity of styles, now you have the answer. Although the price may be much higher, the high cost-effective of it is also worth trying.