Free part wig can satisfy our verities hairstyles requirement. Our preferences are constantly changing, a free part wig is a way to change our hairstyle whenever we get cloying. Now, let’s learn what a free part wig is and what looks we can have with a free part wig.

What is a free part wig

The free part wig is a type of HD lace wig that can allow you to change the hairstyle on it freely. The common hairstyle we did most often was the middle part, side part, C part, and so on. Due to the free part wig is not fixed and rigid, it can be DIY to any freestyle instead. You can make any hairstyle on it just like your own hair and don’t worry about whether your own hair will be exposed outside, because BGMgirl upgrade the 4×4inch lace to a large 4×6 lace, which can better avoid the condition that the hair can not cover all of your hairline.


How to make the hair part by yourself

Put the wig on the mannequin head. Brush the hair neatly to make sure there are no tangles.

Use the comb handle to divide the hair along the lace cap in the desired shape, taking care that the parting is in a clear line and do not cover by the hair.

Use your hands or clips to hold the hair in place. Take out the hot comb and style the parted hair. Then use the hair wax stick to make the hair flatter.

What looks can I have with a free part wig


Middle part

This is the basic wig look in general. Since our wigs are pre-styled before they leave the factory, the middle part is a default look. If you have no special request, you will get the middle part. If the look you like happens to be the middle part, then you can wear it directly, or make it into another look yourself.

Side part

The side part is a hairstyle that many people choose except for the middle part. While the middle part may look a little monotonous, the side part is also a very simple look, but it can also create some different effects than usual. Just part your hair from the sides and style it, either on the left or the right side, according to your own habits.

C part

This is a hairstyle similar to the side part, except that the side part has a straight line and looks very neat, while the C part has a certain arc and looks like a "C" shape. The c part is super suited for the straight bob wig, the clear “C” shape on the scalp will make your hairstyle look great.

Zigzag part

This is a special hair parting that not be used very often, but it will make your hairstyle looks very different and unique. The Zigzag part hairstyle is a little more difficult to make than the previous one because it requires a certain amount of skill and proficiency, and you can ask your friends to help you if you are having trouble doing it yourself.

What wig lace is the best for the free part wig

For a free part wig, the wig lace is an important element to influence the wig's naturalness and authenticity. Due to the verities part styles, we make, the lace will be exposed outside easily. Commonly, there are two types of wigs used to make the free part wig.

HD lace

HD lace is more used to make the glueless lace wig. Because of the particularity of glueless wigs— it does not need glue. So, the lace must be the most natural, invisible, and realistic. As we all know, the Swiss HD lace is the most lightweight, the most invisible lace, and it's exactly catered to what the glueless wig needs.

Transparent lace

Transparent lace is often used on the wig that needs glue. Its invisibility effect is second only to that of a glueless wig. The advantage of transparent lace is we can use it to make a lace frontal wig that the lace can wrap your whole hairline. Then we use glue to fix it, which can make it invisible and firm on the head.

How can I take care of the free part wig

1. Store the wig properly

After you style the free part wig, the wig must be stored properly. You can buy a cheap mannequin head and put the wig on it in a safe place to avoid the friction. Or you can just put it into the human hair wig net and then store it in the place that no one can touch it.

2. Condition the hair regularly

All the wig needs to be well maintained and the free part wig is no exception. We should comb it regularly especially after we wear it. And in normal times, you can use essential oil or coconut oil to maintain your hair to replenish moisture and make your hair look soft and shiny.

3. Clean in time

Due to the use of hair wax when doing modeling, there will be a lot of impurities in the wig, so it is necessary to clean the wig in time, otherwise, it will affect the service life of the wig.

Final words

The free part wig is really worth trying, it can give you verities hairstyles only using one wig. Try the different part hairstyles apart from the middle part, and you will find more possibilities.