The wig products on the market are very diverse, and the most people choose must be human hair wigs. In addition to the finished wig, you can also choose hair bundles and make your own wig. One of the simpler and easier to use is quick weave wigs. Next, let's take a closer look at this wig and its advantages and disadvantages.

What are quick weave wigs

Quick Weave Wigs are hair bundles held together by glue. quick hairstyle changes can be achieved by wearing a quick weave wig, and this wig is great for girls on a low budget. This wig has many advantages, so it is chosen by many people. For example, the cost performance is very high. By making your own wig, although it will take a little longer than the whole wig, you can save a lot of money. In addition, its appearance is also very realistic, and there is no difference between ordinary wigs.

How long does a quick weave wig last

A quick weave wig can last four to eight weeks. The service life of quick weave wig depends on many factors. These factors are uncertain, so the duration of quick weave wig is different for everyone. For example, if you just use this wig to change your hairstyle for a specific occasion, it will last for 8 weeks or even longer. If you use your quick weave wig as a daily wig and use it every day, you may need to wash it every four weeks. 

The pros and cons of quick weave wig



-Quick installation

The maximum crucial characteristic of quick weave wig is "fast". This is a homemade wig this is greater handy and much less time consuming than sew-in hair extensions. You can finish the whole system in less than 10 minutes. This quick weave wig lasts four to eight weeks and may be reusable.

-Reduce hair press

Quick weave wig protects your natural hair. Wearing a quick weave wig can offer a defensive styling alternative on your natural hair. It lets in your natural hair to relaxation and grow, lowering anxiety to your scalp as compared to conventional hair extensions.

-Affordable cost

Quick weave wigs are greater less costly than different sorts of wigs or hair extensions. Because quick weave wigs are crafted from strands of hair, that are DIY, they have a tendency to be much less pricey than human hair as compared to ready-made wigs.


- Hair shedding

Improper set up or elimination of quick weave wig can reason harm for your natural hair. If now no longer used or eliminated correctly, it could reason hair loss. Therefore, you want to ensure which you put on and dispose of the wig withinside the proper manner to defend hair and decrease hair loss.

- Potential hair loss

Quick weave wigs can cause hair loss, due to the fact the wig could have a sure effect at the hair whilst pasting and cleansing, mainly whilst cleansing, so it's far vital to apply a wide-teeth comb whilst cleansing the wig to lessen the harm to the hair.

- Doesn’t remaining long

As quick weave wig is made through gluing and pasting, they may fall off after being worn for a duration of time, so that they need to be disassembled and cleaned. Therefore, the provider existence of quick weave wigs isn't always so long as that of human hair wigs, however after being cleaned, they may be restructured again. It also can be reused. Instead, you can opt for glueless wear and go wigs. Not only does the wig last longer, it's also easier to maintain and clean. If you still want to make the wearing process more comfortable, you can choose our m cap wig, to provide you with more comfortable design and experience.

What hair is best for a quick weave


There are numerous elements to take into account while selecting a quick weave, inclusive of the appearance you want, budget, and favored degree of customization. Human hair is a famous preference for quick weave because it presents the maximum quality and sensible appearance. It may be styled, dyed and heat similar to your personal hair. Hair that has now no longer been chemically handled is normally of better first-rate and greater expensive.

So, if you want quick weave to look almost the same as a human hair wig, opt for BGMgirl hair bundles, which are made from 100% human hair and are smoother than your natural hair. They are the highest quality hair products you can buy while still getting the best value for money.