pre-bleached knots wig

What does pre-bleached knots wig mean

Pre-bleached knots mean the wig's knots have been bleached so there are no visible black knots and the wig feels natural again. If you've ever bought a lace wig before, you'll notice that even though HD lace and knots are very invisible, black knots often have an impact on authenticity. So, we've launched this new pre-bleached knots wig, which can be said to be another new upgrade of the glueless wig.

What are wig knots

The lace wig cap is composed of a small hole, in the production of a wig, a strand of hair will be artificially tied to the lace, and the knots between the hair and the lace play a fixed role is the wig knot. Generally, the hair used to make a wig is naturally black, so it forms a black wig knot. If it is a colored wig, the whole wig is bleached and dyed, so the wig knot is not obvious, but if you buy a natural black wig, the hair knot will be particularly obvious, so this has been a common problem with black wigs. Based on this, in order to meet the public's demand for a more natural wig and bring you a better experience, BGMgirl has improved the wig and launched this pre-bleached knots wig.

wig knots

Bleached Knots

In terms of technology, we have solved the problem of difficult bleaching knots after many repeated tests. Bleaching wig knots, time, temperature, materials, and dosage are difficult to control, a little mistake will fail to succeed, and this process cannot be mass-produced, need to manual a separate operation, is very time-consuming and laborious, so in the production process, we invested a lot, is to bring consumers the best products.

In appearance, after repeated tests, we have mastered the wig knots bleaching technology, the effect of wig knots bleaching is very effective, the black knots at the end of the hair are brown, and the whole human hair wig cap is very close to our skin. As we all know, natural hair follicles are also like lace and hair knots, there are small black spots at the root of the hair, and the bleached wig knots can be said to be 99% close to our real hair follicles. Natural roots are like your real scalp.

Unbleached Knots

The root of the hair that has not been bleached is black, and the knots can be divided into single knots and double knots. If you buy a double knots wig, the knots will be more obvious. If you happen to have dark skin, the wig knots may not be obvious on your head, but if you have lighter skin, it may be very obvious, so bleaching the hair knot is still necessary.

Is bleaching knots necessary?

pre-bleached knots wig

It is necessary to bleach the knots. Even if you don't buy a wig that pre-bleached knots, you'll need to bleach it yourself if you're going for a very natural look. You should often see Tik Tok or YouTube influencers bleach the wig before wearing a wig, and in this step, you need to prepare a lot of products and tools, such as bleach, gloss, and so on. So even if you don't buy a pre-bleached knots wig, you'll have to spend a lot of time and money bleaching it yourself.

Aside from the time-consuming and laborious problem, bleaching wigs is also very easy to over bleach, adding more bleach will directly break the hair, or directly break, adding less bleach and no bleaching, no effect. So, choosing to bleach yourself is far less wise than buying a pre-bleached knots wig. And this wig is also a glueless wig, which means that the real “wear and go” after the wig is in hand, there is no need to go through any further steps because it is already pre-bleached knots, pre-cut lace, and pre-plucked hairline.

What are the advantages of bleaching knots?

pre-bleached knots wig

Save time, save money, save energy: The advantage of pre-bleach knots is that it saves you time, money, and effort. You don't have to spend time bleaching it yourself, buy a lot of bleaching products and tools, and don't have to be strenuous to bleach the knots.

More natural look: The pre-bleached wig is the most natural and authentic, and its wig cap can fit our real skin very well because, without the black knot, the brown knot will look like the real hair follicle.

Extended service time: The pre-bleached knots wig is in place in one step, without easy discoloration, the strength of bleaching will also affect the service life of the wig, and over-bleaching will cause very serious damage to the hair and wig cap. Therefore, buying pre-bleached wigs is the wisest choice.

Final words

Beautiful girls, don't hesitate to click on to choose your favorite wig. Pre-bleached wigs are about to become the next trend, so get on with it.