Ocean Wave Glueless Wig: Why You Choose it

You must be unfamiliar with the wig of “ocean wave”, this is a new type of human hair wig that was newly launched in our Bgmgirl hair store. As we all know, body wave wig is always popular among girls, and the ocean wave is the new upgrade of the body wave. If you want to learn more feature about ocean waves, read this post carefully.

What is ocean wave wear and go glueless wig?


Ocean wave wear and go wigs are new wig texture that we launched according to the popular body wave wig. The shape and appearance are very similar between the ocean wave wig and the body wave wig, it’s a new upgrade of body wave. If you like the body wave wig before, try this one, it will amaze you. The workmanship and the material we used to make the ocean wave wig are better than the old body wave wig, which can give you the best wearing effect and increased comfort to a large extent.

About the wig cap, we use the best material and the most advanced technology to make the wig cap comfortable and breathable. The wear and go glueless wig are pre-plucked hairlines, the advanced technology makes the hairline of the wig more invisible and natural; pre-cut HD lace wig, make the wig installation much easier. Both conditions are met, making the wear and go glueless wig friendly for beginners, and can better save your time, money, and energy.

What’s the difference between an ocean wave wig and an old body wave wig


In appearance

The texture is different from the old body wave, it’s a new upgrade on it. The texture of them is similar but the ocean wave is more layers and the curl is more three-dimensional. The curl of the body wave is in one direction, so it looks very neat and in order. The curl of the ocean wave is irregular. You can see the curl is very fluffy and large in volume. It can be very charming and sexy if you wear an ocean wave wig to the party or participate in other activities.

In material

About the wig cap, we upgrade the old wig cap to the 3D dome cap, which is super soft and breathable, making the wig wear more comfortable. The wig cap is very supportive and can better melt with your head. You will feel comfortable and make your appearance looks better even if you wear a wig.

In design

We change the hair clips into the piano adjust band inside the wig cap so that you can adjust the cap size much easier and without heavy and uncomfortable hair clips. In this way, you don’t need to worry about whether the wig can fall off easily or not. We will give you a hair clip individually, you can sew it on your wig cap if you think it is not safe enough.

Why did you choose ocean wave glueless wig

1. Intimate design

The Bgmgirl wear and go glueless wig can better meet the girl’s need to create more and more comfortable and natural wigs. We always upgrade our product and ameliorate deficiencies. We have changed our old wig cap into the 3D dome cap and changed the hair clips into the piano adjust band. Change the normal canvas into the elastic highly breathable canvas, making the wig wear more skin-friendly and looks better.

2. Beginner friendly

The wear and go glueless wig are all pre-plucked natural hairline, which can better show the authenticity of the wig and make you more comfortable and confident when you wear a wig go out. And the wig is pre-cut lace, which means you can wear the wig directly without any process. You can wear it without glue, spray, or any other tools. You also don’t need any skills in wig installation. Just put it on your head and go within 3 seconds.

3. Multiple hairstyles

The wig can be dyed and bleached, you can do any style or change any color on the wig to fit your varieties outlook. If you don’t know which wig is better for you, try this pre-bleached ocean wave wig. You can get multiple hairstyles only using this one wig. Even if you don’t change the curl on the wig, just make a bun on your head will become a gorgeous hairstyle. And generally, the wig is the middle part, if you want, you can change it into the side part and free part.

Final words

The ocean wave wear and go glueless wigs are beginner friendly and can suit every girl who wants to try a wig. If you are bored with the changeless outlook, you can try this wig. The wear and go glueless wig with pre-plucked hairline and pre-cut lace can bring you the best experience and make you fall in love with it once you wear it.