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In this video, you'll see HYPNOTICLAADYY unbox a bgmgirl wig. This tutorial uses a water wave wig, an extremely popular HD lace wig.

By watching the video, you will see HYPNOTICLAADYY's unusual wig-wearing methods and techniques. Since she had shaved her head, she wore a lace wig on her head without a wig cap.Then use a spray of glue to attach the edges of the wig and use a hair dryer to secure it.

Watch the video carefully, you will find that she has a very clever method, is to heat the metal handle of the comb, and then put it on the edge of the lace, can make the lace stick more firmly, not easy to curl.

Next, she will teach you how to create a natural hairline and baby hair. After the whole wig is worn well, how to take care of the wig. Filmed in high definition, you can clearly see the effect of the human hair wig on your head.

BGM bald cap wig install water wave wig-by HYPNOTICLAADYY

HYPNOTICLAADYY is a wig lover, she's known for wearing wigs, and you can learn a lot about how to install wigs from her. You will also understand why other people's wigs are so elaborate.

By watching this video, you might want to buy a wig and try it out. If you think the video looks good, you can buy this wig directly, which is our 13 x 4 lace front wig. This wig has a larger piece of lace, it's guaranteed to be covered in lace from the top of your head all the way to your ears, without showing your own natural hair.

As you can see, the texture of the wig is water wave, and it's a very popular style among girls who like curly hair. It will help you create a lot of volume and a unique feel.

HYPNOTICLAADYY chose a 26-inch wig that you can see on display at the end of the video. If you think it's too long, then you can choose the length you like. The wig is 250% dense, and the sheer volume of the wig shows that the hair is quite dense, with no large seams showing.

For wigs, if you want to wear them every day, you can choose natural black and brown, but we also have a lot of other colored wigs. If you want to learn more, check out bgmgirl.com.