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SlayedBy Jordan

Professional hairstylist, famous for showcasing his skills on his SlayedBy Jordan YouTube channel, specializes in styling and wigs.

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Will bring you a detailed unboxing video, not only ordinary unpacking, he will also show you the details of the hair cap, lace quality, hair shedding condition, hair density and hair quality in detail, just one detail will be 4 minutes, if you have never bought a wig before, this video will satisfy your curiosity.

Then you'll see what he does with the lace to make it more natural, how to put it on in one piece, and how to make it look perfect once it's on.

Natural Wave wig install- by SlayedBy Jordan

As for natural curls, this is a wig similar to the water wave wig, but the difference is that the curls are more natural. With this kind of curls, people will don't think you perm your hair, but think you were born with this kind of hair.

The texture is less regular and less neat than a water wave wig or deep wave wig, but as you can see by watching the video, the wig is quite beautiful. As you can see, the wig in the video really looks amazing! The one she wears is a Bgmgirlhair natural wave wig, a 30inch length, 13 x 4 lace front wig with a density of 250%. These can be selected according to your own personal preference.

Wearing a wig is not as complicated as you think. Follow the step-by-step steps in this video and you will be able to perfectly wear a wig.

First of all, if you feel that the lace part is different from your skin color, you can apply the lace part of the wig cap with the liquid foundation that is similar to your skin color, so that the color of the lace and the skin color are more similar.

So even if lace and hair color difference, there is no problem. Then the wig on the head, smear glue, the wig fixed on the head, pay attention to the action must be slow and careful, because the wearing of the wig is likely to be in the details of the treatment will show very false.

After pasting the lace, leave a row of broken hair in the front for baby hair. You can comb it with a hot comb and cut it to the right length to create a natural baby hair. By this time, the wig is basically formed, and you can arrange the wig to achieve the best condition as he did.