Curly edges wig can help you create a natural hairline when you wear the wig, this wig comes with natural baby hair and make the wig edges look like your real hairline.

What is natural edges wig?

A curly edges wig is a wig that with many short curly edges alongside the wig hairline, it looks just like real people’s natural baby hair, which can make the wig much more natural. And the curly edges are simulated the people’s real hair, a short and curly strand, just like the real baby hair growing out of your head.


Traditionally, the wig only has the HD lace as the hairline, even the glueless wig with pre-cut lace, the hairline is only made of bare lace. Most people will make baby hair themselves by using the hair in the front of the wig. But if you choose these curly edges wigs, you can omit this step.

4c edges wig


This is a wig that has the natural curl edges alongside the hairline of the wig, and the 4c edges are made of the real afro kinky human hair. The hair edges are simulated to the real baby hair of the black woman, making the hairline looks natural and invisible. The 4c hair is all made of real human hair, soft and thin, preliminary treatment makes the wig looks like grows on your head.

5c edges wig


The function of the 5c edges wig is the same as the 4c edges wig, they all make the wig hairline looks more natural. The difference between them is the hair of the 5c natural hairline is longer and the curl is larger than the 4c edges wig. The lace of this wig is pre-cut and with the natural baby hair, can be much more convenient than the traditional wig. You can wear it directly or you can glue it to your scalp.

What makes our natural edges wigs unique

There are many natural edges wigs on the market, but why do you choose bgmgirl hair? There must have some reasons. Apart from thoughtful service and quality assurance, the wig-making technique can be the top on the market.


Pre-bleached knots

The wig knots are where the wig hair meets the lace cap. Because the hair is naturally black, there will be many black wig knots on the lace cap. It will definitely influence the authenticity of the wig, so we produced the pre-bleached knots wig that can help consumers create a most natural wig-wearing effect.

Generally, the wig cap needs to bleach by yourself, but the bleach time and the dosage of the bleach are difficult to control. So, this will help you save a lot of time and money if you buy a pre-bleached knots wig.

More natural baby hair

Baby hair will decide whether your hairline is true or not. Traditionally, we buy wigs that do not with natural edges, and then we will make baby hair by ourselves. We will cut some hair on the hairline of the wig and curl it using a curling iron. This is easy to make mistakes and if you can’t do baby hair, the wig will be ruined. But if you buy a wig with baby hair, which is a natural afro curly edges wig, your wig installation will be much easier.

Fit the skin better

The curl of the hair edges is not curled casually, the hairstyle is after many trials and modifications. We can ensure that the edges of the wig are as soft as your own hair and the pre-styled baby hair can melt with your skin well. The traditional wig without edges hair may look bald, so the curly edges can help you make the wig fit the skin better.

Pre-cut lace

The wig is pre-cut with the extra lace, combined with the natural hairline, which will make the wig-wearing process easier. You don’t need to bleach the wig cap, cut the lace, and make the baby hair by yourself, just put the finished product on your head.

Final words

Now you know what is the curly edges wig and the difference between the 4c edges wig and the 5c edges wig. Curly edges wig with pre-bleached knots, pre-cut extra lace, pre-styled can give you the most natural experience, which is really worth trying.