Most may have some questions about human hair wigs, and before you buy a wig, you'll want to know if it can be styled like your natural hair. Whether the use of heat setting tools on the wig will cause damage to the wig. This blog will answer your questions and teach you in detail how to curl a human hair wig.

How To Curl a Human Hair Wig with A Curling Iron

Human hair wig may be formed with a curling iron, you could additionally make your wig display a whole lot of states thru the warmth placing tool, in order that the wig performs the finest role. Next, we’ll display you the way to use a curling iron to create wig curls.

Do not pull the wig all through the curling manner and attempt to keep away from setting an excessive amount of strain at the hair strands. In addition, recall to apply a warmness safety spray appropriate for the wig fabric to shield the wig from warmness harm. This way, you could create a stunning and captivating curly wig.


Tools to be prepared:

■ Curling iron
■ Sharp tail comb
■ Wide tooth comb
■ Protection spray

1. First, you want to location the human hair wig at the human head version to preserve the wig fixed. Use a wide-teeth comb to untangle the wig hair and make certain there aren't any tangles.

2. Partition the hair and fasten it with alligator clip. Generally, the hair desires to be divided into higher and decrease layers, after which the 2 layers are divided into 4 parts.

3. Preheat the curling iron, do now no longer set the temperature too high, usually now no longer better than 180℃.

4. When the temperature of the curling iron reaches the temperature, you could begin curling the hair in step with the walls of the hair. The heating time for every cluster of hair need to know no longer exceed 60 seconds.

5. Do now no longer use a comb after curling. Wait for the hair to settle down naturally, then comb it, after which fashion it.

How to roll a human hair wig in different curls

In this video, influencer will show you the best ways to make curly hair. You can create different styles for your human hair wig according to the video method. Curling hair is a process that practice makes perfect, and it takes practice to make the curly hair texture smoother.

At the same time, in order to master the curling iron skillfully, you need to understand some curling skills, can help you better do styling, the following are some curling skills for your reference.


Tips for curling human hair wig with a curling iron

1. The temperature cannot be too high

The temperature of the curling iron is generally between 150-220 ° C. Most people choose to use 180 ° C. When curling human hair wig, do not exceed this temperature, too high temperature will damage the wig hair.

2. Let the hair cool naturally

When the curls are done, do not brush the hair, wait until the heat temperature is lower to brush the hair, this will make the curls more visible and longer lasting, because the heat is the best time to set.

3. Don't get your hair wet

When curling, make sure there is no water in the hair. Heating the hair on the hair with water is very damaging to the hair, and in severe cases, it will make the hair burnt.

Final words

Human hair curls are very suitable for everyday hairstyles, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to quickly create a delicate wig hairstyle, so that your appearance is no longer static. High quality human hair wig is also an important factor in the perfect hair, poor wig or synthetic wig is not able to withstand the heat of the curling iron, welcome to BGMgirl shore to choose the right wig for you.