Proper use can help human hair weave keep good condition and last long time.

Today We will give you some tips about how to wash and care hair weave.

How to wash human hair weave?


How to protect human hair weave?

  1. Avoid scratching your scalp.Don't use your fingernails or a rat-toothed comb to scratch your scalp,use soothing oils and massage them gently into your scalp with the pads of your fingers.

  2. Avoid too much heat.Styling once in a while is okay,  let it flow naturally.

  3. Keep your hair up. To relieve tension on your natural hair, as well as prevent frizz, tie your hair up whenever possible

  4. Cover your hair when sleeping. Wrapping your hair in a scarf at night will prevent it from tangling or getting frizzy and lumpy while you sleep.

  5. Braid your hair.  An easy way to keep your weave wavy or curly is to braid it at night.

  6. Give your hair a break. When it is time to take out your current weave, be prepared to wait two to four weeks before adding a new one. Your hair needs that break to avoid being permanently damaged.

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