14 inch long hair is a very classic hair style, which is very popular with many girls. This length of hair is not only very personalized, but also easy to manage, let's learn more about the wig length of 14 inch.

How long is 14 inches of hair

The 14 inch hair is 35.56 centimeters lengthy, which is ready the period of person woman fingers, making it the longest Bob.

You could make a tough evaluation together along with your hand, approximately fingers down from the pinnacle of your head, which is ready 14 inches lengthy. The 14-inch period is ready the shoulder position, that's a kind of Bob size, usually eight inches to fourteen inches, so the 14-inch is an extended Bob.

How long are 14 inch hair extensions

The length of the 14-inch hair extensions is 35.56cm, which is equal to the length of the palm of two adult women's hands, but the length of the hair extensions on the head depends on the location of your hair extensions. The 14-inch hair extensions are the same length as a 14-inch Bob wig. But if you apply extensions from the middle of your hair, the extensions will be longer.

14 inch hair length chart

Different textures of hair, even as long as 14 inch, can produce different results. In general, 14 inch straight hair is the longest, 14 inch wavy hair is in the middle length, and 14 inch curly hair is the shortest. Therefore, if you want to achieve what looks like 14 inch, wavy and curly hair may have to buy 16 inch, or 18 inch to achieve what looks like 14 inch.

14 inch straight hair length

14 inch straight hair is below the shoulder position, is a slightly over the shoulder a little short hair style, 14 inch straight hair length from the appearance looks like you measure the length, generally there is no great error, the effect is expected.

14 inch wave hair length

The 14-inch wavy hair is just shoulder-length, because the wavy hair is based on the straight hair with some styling changes, so as the actual length presented will not be as long as the straight hair, the difference between them should be about 2 inch, so if you want to wear the effect of 14 inch length, The wig you need to buy is 16 inch long wavy hair.

14inch curly hair length

14-inch curls, which are about two inch above the shoulders, consume more length than wavy hair and therefore appear shorter. If you want the wig to actually look 14 inch long, you'll need to buy 18 inch of curls.

How to measure the wig length by yourself


- Prepare the wig: Place the wig on a flat surface, for instance at the ground or location it on a desk or countertop or on a model head. Removes tangles from hair. 

-Determine start line: Determine the start line to degree the duration of the wig. In maximum cases, the price is measured without delay from the pinnacle of the primary weft at the back of the lace.

- Measure the duration: Place the tape degree on the start line, straighten the hair, and lightly stretch it alongside the contour of the hair strand and alongside the returned of the wig.

- Observe the duration: Once you've got reached the preferred duration, study the give up of the tape degree or ruler and you'll understand the duration of the wig. 

Length can also additionally range barely relying on elements inclusive of hair kind and wig bend. When buying a wig on-line or in a store, the duration is generally measured in inches or centimeters. This length will assist you believe how your wig will appearance while you put on it and decide if it`s the proper duration in your preferred hairstyle.

What does 14 inch hair look like

14 inch straight hair look like


14 inch wave hair look like


14inch curly hair look like


Final words

Glueless wigs, lace frontal wigs, no matter what type of wig, 14inch length is a good choice. If you want a more natural Bob, 14-inch length wig is my more recommended, this hair length is not particularly short, can be suitable for most people, and this hairstyle can also modify the face shape, in the overall will make people look taller and thinner, is a hairstyle worth trying.

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