bob wigs in summer

Bob lace front wigs can be said to be the best wig for the hot summer, its short hair length and breathable wig cap will make you feel much better when you wear the wig in hot summer. In this post, you will learn more about bob lace front wigs. Including what is a bob wig, the benefits of the bob wig, and so on.

What is a short bob wig?

short bob wig

About the length

This is the most important thing you need to know about the bob wig. Generally, the bob wig length is from 10-inch to 16-inch, which suits every girl with different requirements. 10-inch is just reached the chin length and the 16-inch can reach the height of the bra strap. So, the hair length of the bob wig is 10-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch. In addition to the difference in hair length, the longer the hair length, the more expensive it will be.

About the texture

Bgmgirl has multifarious hair textures of bob wigs, the hottest seller at the moment can be found in our store. Such as a water wave, body wave, straight, and so on. A wide variety of textures can satisfy your different hairstyle needs, Bgmgirl ensures that you can find your favorable summer wig.

About the wig type

We have wear and go glueless bob wig and the lace front bob wig that needs glue. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy a wig that you can put on quality and can take off at any time, you’d better choose the glueless wig.

Why do you choose short bob wigs in summer?

bob wig

Hot weather friendly

Hot summer always brings the urge to have short hair, so the bob wig can be the best choice. Beyond that, there are many reasons to let you choose it. When you go on a vacation, outdoor high temperature is unavoidable, long hair will make you crazy. If you want to take a photo beautifully, you won’t tie up your hair, so the best choice is a short bob hairstyle.

Due to the shortest length of the bob wig, this wig can be very effortless, you don’t need to take a lot of time care of it and can quickly install it. And short hair won't interfere with you whether you are sport or playing on the beach.

Breathable wig cap

Bgmgirl newly upgrade the breathable wig cap, which can achieve 99% gas permeability, making your wig-wearing experience much better. Upgrade the old wig cap to a new 3D dome cap, the larger wig cap can wholly wrap your head and give you a sufficient sense of security. And the material of the wig cap is elastic and soft, which can be very comfortable when you wear it. The piano adjust band will give you ample space to adjust the degree of tightness of the wig cap, so don't worry about getting stuffy in the summer.

Protective hairstyle

Wearing a wig can better protect your natural hair. When you let your hair ends tucked, such as wearing a human hair wig, this is a protective hairstyle. The hair exposed to air of different conditions and air humidity will become very fragile and easy to moisture loss. When we comb our hair, ripped-out hair is unavoidable, So, it is important to protect our hair healthy especially the fragile hair ends.

5 most popular bob wig hairstyles

Water wave bob wig

Water wave wigs can be most girls’ first choice, this is a classic and fashionable wig texture. You can create many fashion hairstyles by using this wig, such as the famous wet water wave hairstyles. This texture is also suited for a bob hairstyle, it will look very thick, and healthy.

water wave bob wig

Kinky curly bob wig

The curl of kinky curly is very small, the hair will look more voluminous. If you want your hair to look full, a kinky curly wig can be your best choice. It will make your head looks very small under the contrast of the fullness of the hair.

kinky curly bob wig

Pixie cut curly bob wig

A Pixie cut is a short hairstyle that comes down to the chin. This is a super cool and charming hairstyle, you can create a cool girl image by wearing this wig. And at the same time, the hair of the pixie cut is very short, even shorter than the 10-inch bob wig, so it is suitable for hot summer.

pixie cut curly bob wig

Straight bob wig

A straight bob wig is a wig that every girl needs, you can buy it without any thinking. The wig is all made of 100% human natural hair, can be dyed and bleached, and you can change it to any hairstyle and color you want. And due to the hair of the wig being straight, the care process is relatively simple. The hair is smooth and soft so you don’t need to worry about whether it will tangle or not.

straight bob wig

Deep wave bob wig

The deep wave wig is similar to the water wave wig, the only difference between them is the direction of the curls. The curl of the water wave is irregular and the curl of the deep wave wig is flat at the same level.

deep wave bob wig

Final words

Bob lace front wigs can be friendly to the hot summer, whether you are doing sports or going on a vacation, the bob hairstyle is suitable for girls. So if you like the hairstyle, welcome to to pike the wig you like.