An air wig can give you the most breathable and lightweight wig-wearing experience in the hot weather. Abandon the old heavy and bloated wig cap design, and upgrade to the new 3D dome cap, which is breathable and secure.

What is an air wig?


The air wig is combined with the mesh wig cap and pre-cut Swiss HD lace wig, which can be really breathable and airy. By using the advanced technique and the best material to make the wig cap thin, breathable, and lightweight, people won’t have strong feelings that you wear a wig or feel the wig is too thick to melt with your head.

Most people will choose to wear the glueless air wig when they need to go out in summer. The convenient design and the mesh 3D dome cap make the wig light and ventilate and will never let you feel muggy and sticky.

What makes the Bgmgirl air wig more breathable

About the wig cap:

Bgmgirl uses high-quality elastic nylon and canvas to make the mesh air wig cap, the cap is elastic and soft, can melt with your head better and at the same time, it is comfortable. The wig cap is not a solid one, it gives them enough possibility to let the air across the wig cap. According to the test result by putting the wig on the humidifier, the gas can 100% pass through the wig cap, which shows the best air permeability of our air wig cap.

The piano elastic band inside the air cap makes the human hair wig safer and more suitable. Generally, the wig cap is 22.5 inches, and the adjustable range is 22-13 inch. You may worry about whether the wig can easily fall off or not, if you ever wear a wig you will know that the air cap is elastic and there is an adjust band to ensure it is safe enough.


About the lace

We use super light and invisible HD lace, with pre-cut lace edges using hot serrated scissors, which can give you the most natural and convenient experience. And the HD lace is breathable enough to ensure more gas can pass through. You're most likely to sweat at the hairline part, the very breathable lace can give you a comfortable experience, to prevent excessive sweating. Plus, the arc compression process, makes the wig melt with your scalp better. Compared with other wigs on the market, our lace can be flatter and better melt with the scalp.

About the production technology

We have super advanced pre-plucked natural hairlines and pre-bleached knots technique, making the wig close to our real hairline and scalp. And the advanced technique makes the air wig cap become thin and can absorb sweat, which can be the best wig cap on the market.

Three reasons to choose a Bgmgirl glueless air wig


Breathable air cap

The mesh air cap design and the best quality material make the wig cap super thin and breathable. In the summer, choosing a cool and breathable wig is very important, especially for a girl who is easy to sweat.

Our air glueless wig design can give your scalp a ventilated environment and make you more comfortable. Even if you sweat a lot, the material of the air wig can absorb the sweat as quickly as possible, and you won’t feel full of sweat in your wig cap and be very muggy and sticky. The wig cap is not like a cap on your head, you will feel like it is a lightweight gauze.

Pre-styled appearance

All the wig is re-flat and you can wear it directly when you get it. The glueless wig with pre-plucked natural hairline and pre-cut lace can let you wear and go within 3 seconds. To make the wig more natural, we newly launched the bleached knots wig that can make the wig more likely to be our real scalp.

All wigs before they leave the factory is pre-flat and use a hot comb, and to help you make a clear middle parting style. The wig you received is a finished wig with a perfect style, you can put on it directly.

Intimate design

The BGMgirl Hair wig cap is not only breathable but every design of the wig is really intimate. You can get the most suitable wig at Bgmgirl. We always improve our design and technique to bring the best product to our customers. Change the clips to the piano elastic band, change the old wig cap to the new 3D air dome cap, and all the improvement is want to create the best product, and this is also the reason why our wig is so popular among the girls.

Final words

The mesh air wig cap can be very breathable and airy, the wearing effect can be amazing compared to other traditional wigs. If you are fretting about the heat of wearing a wig in summer, try this air wig now.