lightweight wig

The lightweight wigs must be the most popular in the summer. It can reduce our burden and make us feel cooler in the hot weather. BGMgirl newly upgrade air cap can be super breathable and lightweight, and can make you wear the wig with no feeling.

The features of lightweight wigs for summer

1. More breathable material

BGMgirl upgrade the old wig cap to the new 3D breathable air dome cap, which is made of the best quality material and advanced design. The wig cap is made of breathable nylon and canvas, and the wig cap is not solid which can create a better condition to allow the air across. The 3D dome cap makes the wig cap better wrap the head and at the same time, it can absorb your sweat quickly.

2. More fashionable hairstyle

Our wig is not always the same style, if you are an old fan of our store, you will find that we often lunch a new product in our store, and all the new product is a big hit on TikTok or the new fashion items on the internet. We’re always innovating to give consumers the most fashionable and new products.

3. More comfortable wearing effect

In the past, all the wig on the market is heavy and uncomfortable. There are many clips in the wig cap. Although it can make the wig cap fixed to your head, it is heavy and will pull your hair. To change that, we upgrade it to the piano elastic band, which can allow the wig to adjust the length by 1 inch. This can help you adjust the wig to a proper size and prevent the wig fall off easily.

6 most popular lightweight wigs for summer

1. Ready to wear glueless wigs

Ready to wear glueless wig is a wig that is the hottest sale in these years. The special design makes the wig stick to your head firmly and breathable at the same time. The wig is convenient to wear and can allow you wear and go within 3 seconds. You can wear the wig quickly and take off it at any time. You don’t need to pluck the hairline or cut the lace, the process is done, and you can wear it without any tools and gel.

Glueless curly wig

Glueless curly wig suit for the girl who is pursuing rich hair volume. If you are upset about your thin and unhealthy hair, a curly wig can help you. By wearing this wig, your hair volume will double in an instant. If you like shaggy hair, I recommend you buy a kinky curly glueless wig. The curl of the wig is very small and can be large in volume and make your face looks smaller.


Blonde glueless wig

The blonde glueless wig is the first colored glueless wig in our BGMgirl store, that’s because this wig is really popular among the girls. As glueless wigs become more and more accepted by most people, we want to bring to the customers all the most convenient and natural wig products.


Straight glueless wig

The straight glueless wig is a hair that can change into multiple hairstyles if you always want to get different hairstyles, you can buy this wig. The wig is made of 100% human hair, which can be dyed and bleached just like your own hair. That means if you have a straight wig, you have a variety of styling possibilities. You can change it into a curly wig by using a curling iron, and it will restitution to a straight wig after you wash it.


2. Colored wig

Blonde wig

The other name of the blonde wig is 613 wig, it is a wig that with bright color. Wearing this wig, you can change your appearance quickly and will cause no harm to your own hair, at the same time, it is affordable. And the bright and shining color will make you unique and obvious in the crowd. If you want to stand out, blonde wig is the right choice.


Brown highlight

The highlight is always a popular wig among all the colored wigs, its unique color combination and fashionable design make the wig popular. Brown and blonde highlights, blonde and black highlights, and red and black highlight is a very hot sale. Among them, the most popular is a brown highlight.


Reddish Brown

If you think the Burgundy wig is too bright and the brown is too normal, you can choose this reddish brown wig, it’s a color that is between brown and burgundy. Whether you like the body wave or straight, both are available to you.

reddish brown

Final words

These are the 6 most popular lightweight wigs for summer. No matter which wig you choose, I'm sure you'll be shocked by the comfortable wig-wearing effect. All the wigs will give you the most natural and breathable experience.