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SlayedBy Jordan

Professional hairstylist, famous for showcasing his skills on his SlayedBy Jordan YouTube channel, specializes in styling and wigs.

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In this video, you'll see SlayedBy Jordan unboxing BGMgirl HAIR products. He's using our Water Wave Wig for this tutorial, which will show us how to wear a lace front wig in detail.

It includes how to install the wig, how to cut the lace, how to make baby hair, and the trick to make a wig look extra natural. SlayedBy Jordan is a professional stylist and has a professional method for wearing wigs.

In this video, you will learn the secret of wearing a natural wig and give you a gorgeous look!

About Water Wave Wig

As you can see in the video, the wig SlayedBy Jordan used today is a Water Wave Wig, which has a small volume to reflect the fullness of your hair. This curl is just the right size, which is perfect for everyday wear.

The lace part of the wig is 13 x 4inch. As you can see from the video, the lace part is very long and covers the entire head up to the temples near the ears.

In general, the larger the lace frontal, the more realistic the human hair wig looks. In terms of length, the same wig in the video is 30inch, which creates a very sexy and charming look, but if you want a shorter one, we have 10 to 32 inches for you to choose from. In terms of density, if you want to get the same look as the video, you can get 250% density, and also you can choose 150% density or 200% density.

The effect of this lace front wig is very shocking and can bring you the most perfect visual effect. If you think the wig in the video looks great, try the same wig as SlayedBy Jordan.