To pick out a wig, you ought to study the variations among the one-of-a-kind types of wig textures. In this post, you'll be brought to the simple traits of all wig textures, so you have a initial expertise and permit you to pick out a wig extra handy.

What Are Wig Textures?

The wig textures are the shapes made via way of means of the hair of the wig, and the textures may be divided into immediately and curly hair. The range of wig textures constitutes the range of wig hairstyles, and there is extra than thirteen types of wigs with wig textures.

What are the different types of hair textures?

There are thirteen varieties of textures which can be famous withinside the marketplace now, they're Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Loose Deep, Natural Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Kinky Curly, Kinky Straight, Afro Curly, Ocean wave, Dreadlock, and Wand Curls.


1. Straight Hair

1. Straight Hair as a whole is straight, the hair is not bent, and each hair is straight, you will find this kind of hair is very soft because it has not been any ironing and dyeing treatment, and the hair damage is relatively small, looks very shiny, and smooth.

2. Body Wave Hair

Body Wave is a relatively large curl pattern, in all wig textures, it can be said to be the largest curl size of the pattern. The overall shape of the hair is S-shaped, the curvature is relatively large, and each volume is neat and orderly.

3. Loose Wave Hair

The Loose Wave’s curl is similar to the Body Wave curl, with a long spiral. But this curl is three-dimensional, a twist-like curl, not a flat curl. This hair will be more three-dimensional in appearance, and the direction of the curl will be more.

4. Loose Deep Hair

This hair is a very classic hairstyle, and its curl is very neat on the whole. Vertically, the wave is in the shape of a small S extending downward, and horizontally each curl is arranged neatly at the same height.

5. Natural Wave Hair

As the name suggests, the biggest feature of Natural Wave hair is that naturally, its volume is irregular, there is no direction, it is arbitrary, and even messy.

6. Deep Wave Hair

This hair is very similar to Loose Deep, the main difference between them is that the tail of Loose Deep is neat, one by one, while the Deep Wave is relatively not so neat.

7. Water Wave Hair

The curl of the Water Wave is the same as that of the Loose Deep one in size. The only difference between them is that the curl of the Water Wave is messy and directionless, while the curl of the Deep Wave is neat.

8. Kinky Curly Hair

This wig is similar to an afro, but it is not exaggerated and can be said to be smaller than the Water Wave's curl, is a classic and versatile texture that is closer to our natural hair.

9. Kinky Straight Hair

This hair is also straight on the whole, but each of its hairs is not straight. This style looks like it has been electrocuted and has very small curls that make straight hair look more voluminous.

10. Afro Curly Hair

This is the kind of hair that is most similar to the original hair of black girls. The whole hair shows a very small curly state, and the hair is very soft and the hair volume is very rich.

11. Ocean Wave Hair

The pattern of the Ocean Wave is similar to the Body Wave, is improved on the basis of the Body Wave, and the updated Ocean Wave’s curl has greater durability and is not easy to straighten.

12. Dreadlock Hair

Dreadlocks are string-like strands made of tangled or braided hair that can help you achieve a variety of styles and make your hair look designed.

13. Wand Curls Hair

Wand Curl is an innovative pattern with a strong curl and a distinct, layered spring-shaped curl, that helps you quickly change your appearance.

BGMgirl Hair Different Wig Textures

Different hair patterns make up a wide variety of wig textures, and you can find the best one for you from the different wig texture types.

Straight wig


In any case, Straight wig is a wig that every girl should have, it will appear your hair is very smooth delicate, and shiny. Straight hair can be any shape, you can use it to curl or dye, and you can have unlimited possibilities.

Body wave wig


This is a very gentle and elegant hairstyle, most people will choose to do this hairstyle during weddings or major festivals, at the same time, it is also very suitable for everyday hairstyles elegant large curls, coupled with rich hair volume will make you appear extra gentle.

Loose deep wig


If you want to choose a classic hairstyle can choose this one, because its curl itself is relatively neat, but there is a little retro charm, plus this hairstyle is very elegant and very suitable for retro styling.

Deep wave wig


Deep Wave is a very classic and retro hairstyle. A Deep Wave hair is similar to a Water Wave, but the difference between them is that the Deep Wave has a cleaner curl than the Water Wave.

Water wave wig


If you want to go on vacation or play, this wig is very suitable for the seaside, water wave wig is a very classic hairstyle, suitable for play and suitable for daily life, and is the first choice for
most girls when choosing curly hair.

Kinky curly wig


Kinky curly is close to our natural hair, it presents a very natural shape, is a classic and all-matching hairstyle, will not make mistakes on any occasion.

Kinky straight Wig


Compared with the straight hair, the pattern is coarser and less smooth than it, just like the effect of natural straightening. The pursuit of big hair is the first choice, especially in the coming autumn and winter cold season. It is worth mentioning that yaki has a different aesthetic feeling and holds curls more durable than the curls defined by the curls.

Afro curly wig


The pattern of this wig is the most suitable for our black girls' natural hair, if you do not want to make too much change to the hair texture, you can choose to wear this wig.

What is the most natural looking wig type?

If you don't want to take the risk and want to choose a human hair wig that is closer to your natural hair, you can try straight hair, kinky curly, body wave wigs that are more low-key and not so obvious.

Because our hair is 100% human hair, the production materials are all selected high-quality materials, coupled with a perfect production process, almost all hairstyles can be close to natural lifelike. At the same time, the length of the wig can be chosen to be closer to the length of your natural hair, so that the natural effect can be achieved to the greatest extent.

What is the easiest wig texture to maintain?

The most easily maintained hair is straight hair, straight hair is qualitatively treated and will not bend deformation at will.

Even if you encounter water, after drying straight hair will become the original state, even if straight hair is due to some factor, you can also use a splint to straighten it again, are very easy to take care of, if you are a wig first wear, it is not recommended to buy a wig with a smaller roll, because it is easier to knot and take care of it is not as convenient as straight hair.

Final words

After understanding the different wig types, I think you already know the types of wigs and their names. Choose a type of wig you are suitable for, welcome to BGMgirl to choose high-quality human hair wigs.

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