Always worrying about whether the website is legit or not will definitely influence the shopping experience. If you do not trust this website, even if you see a product you want, you will become hesitant to place an order. So, how to check if a website is legit? Let's read on.

What does an endorsement mean on a website?

An endorsement of trust is used to promise a guarantee for someone or something in order to increase credibility. A website that has the endorsement means this is a safe website that you can trust enough. Because a website with an endorsement has enough security and authority to guarantee it, if it is a scam, it will not be eligible to be guaranteed.

So, when you get to know a new website, you can look for these endorsement marks, which are generally at the bottom of the website, and you can clearly see how many platforms guarantee this website, so as to judge whether this website can be trusted. For example,, you can see the security certification at the bottom of our page, including Afterpay, Trustpilot, McAfee, and so on.

What are the common convincing trust seals


1. SSL (Secure Socket Layer Certificate)

SSL certificate is an encryption technology that can ensure the safety of the data transmission between the user and the website. A website with an SSL certificate and a safety lock icon can increase the user’s trust in your site.

2. Truste

Truste is a company that provides privacy protection and compliance certification. Their seal can be used to display whether the website complies with the privacy policy and is in accordance with data protection standards or not. This can help the user to judge the legality of the website.

3. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB is a non-profit organization that provides business trust grades and services in solving disputes in America. Display the BBB authentication mark can show the reliability and the business trust to the users.


TRUSTe is a company that global provider of trust and privacy management solutions. Their seal can use to certify the site that compliance with relevant standards on privacy and data protection and increase the trust of the user.

5. Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode

These two seals are a service provided by Visa and Mastercard and can be used to increase the safety and trust of the user who transactions online. If the site shows these seals on its pages, that means the information and your private data are safe enough.

6. McAfee SECURE

McAfee SECURE is a security certification service that is used to verify the security of the network, provides by the McAfee company. Displaying the McAfee SECURE identity can increase user trust in the security of your website.

7. Afterpay Verified

Afterpay is a company that provides installment services. It will confer the “Afterpay Verified” identification when a user or merchant completes authentication and compliance with the certification standards on Afterpay platform. With this certificate, the user or the merchant has passed the authentication and can use the installment services.

8. PayPal verified

PayPal is an online payment service that is used widely. “PayPal verified” refers to the user or merchant who is completed a series of certifications and obtained the verified on PayPal. These certifications include the merchant’s identity information, bank account, and credit card information, which can enjoy a higher level of trust.

These trust seals can represent the trustworthiness of a website, increase the trust between the user and the merchant, and obtain additional protection.

Is bgmgirl a safe site?


Of course, we have many trust seals such as Trustpilot, Norton, and McAfee. For payment, we support Afterpay and PayPal, which all are very authoritative platforms that can make you trust our site enough.

In addition to trust endorsements and seals that can keep your right and privacy from intrusion, our sale and after-sale service is also protected. If you are not satisfied with the product that is in our store or has any other problem, you can enjoy the 15-day no-reason return services. And we can also pay the shipping fee if the product has quality problems. You can buy our products with confidence.


We have Bgmgirl Hair’s privacy policy that can tell you more detailed information about your data secure and safe. You can learn why we collect your identifying information and whether it will leak out or not. If you want to know what service you can enjoy, please read the customer service, and if you want to know more information about our store, about what right you can enjoy and what is the return policy in our store, you can slide from the homepage or any product page to the bottom of the website, you will see all of it.

Final words

If you have doubts about the security of a website, you can check out the website's trust endorsement and whether there are a variety of authoritative platform security certification marks, these are the direct basis for judging whether a website is real. After trusting this website, your shopping experience will be smoother.