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Pre Everything Wig

The features of pre everything wig

1.Pre-plucked hairline

All wigs will be plucked by a professional hairstylist before leaving the factory, so that the part of the hairline is in line with the curve of natural hair growth, which is one of the important decisive factors for the lifelike wig.

2. Pre-cut HD lace

Pre-cut lace can make the lace part and the scalp closely fit, so that others cannot detect that you are wearing a wig, HD lace characteristics are invisible, coupled with its detailed cutting, so that the wig can be invisible to the maximum extent.

3. Pre-styled

Each wig is pre-styled and can be worn directly to meet the needs of deep & free parting. At the same time, maximum lace size can provide you with a variety of hairstyles.

4. Pre-bleached tiny knots

Advanced pre-bleached tiny knots technology, make the knots even more invisible. In the past, traditional wigs did not pay attention to the design of the hair knot, which was large and black, and it was obvious to wear on the head, and others knew that they were wearing wigs from a distance. Therefore, for a natural wig, hair knots are also important, and tiny knots can make the pores more simulated.


C-shape ear protection design, glasses approved. Removable combs allow you to adjust the cap to make the wig fit your head better. Upgraded anti-slip adjustable elastic strip give you the best safety.

Why choose BGMgirl pre everything wig

BGMgirl wig is already a senior brand in the wig industry, with advanced technology and a good reputation. BGMgirl wig has always adhered to the original intention, to bring customers the best quality, the most natural wig, whether it is the material, design, packaging, technology and other aspects of the wig, BGMgirl wig has been working hard to progress, hoping to become the industry leading brand. All of BGMgirl's wigs are 100% human hair, and all of the wig caps are high-quality breathable canvas, ensuring the highest cost performance for customers.

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