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How to Pre Cut the Extra Lace on Lace Wig

Using serrated hot scissors, cut the lace edge into a serrated shape, which is easier to fit the skin than straight cutting, and naturally invisible. By using this special method, the lace edge will not easy warping. And be blend with the skin better.

The zigzag lace edge is easier to fit our natural hairline than the straight cut, and the unique arc pressing process makes the lace edge of the wig fitter.

Pre Cut Lace Wig

Pre cut lace wigs can be very fast and convenient. The lace in the front of the wig is pre cut and you can wear a wig directly. There are Swiss HD lace, transparent lace, and brown lace for your choice.

A pre-cut lace wig can help you save time, save energy, save money. Buying a pre-cut lace wig eliminates the need to spend time and effort cutting the lace while wearing the wig yourself, eliminating the need for complicated steps. So, it is very beginner-friendly, avoids the risk of making mistakes cutting lace yourself, and reduces the cost of trial and error to zero. And it is easy to wear and does not require any tools or skills. And it is really glueless: Because the lace is pre-cut, there is no need for any treatment of the wig, so wearing this wig does not need glue, truly achieving glueless.

Pre Cut Lace Wig Lengths and Textures

The glueless wigs that pre-cut the lace have a length from 10 inch to 30 inch. The texture of it including water wave, kinky curly, straight, body wave, and so on, can help you the fastest, the most convenient, and the most comfortable to create the most perfect hairstyle, is your first choice when buying wigs.

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