When you choose a wig, the price is a matter of great concern to consumers. After all, we all want the best value for money. The wig beginners must want to ask: what is a hair weave extension? Is the price of the hair weave extension lower than a wig? how long do hair extensions last? Is it last longer than a wig? Read on to find out the answer you are looking for.

What are the hair weave extensions and why did we choose it


Hair weave extensions are a type of wig that need you to assemble. The hair weave extensions are composed of one lace closure or frontal and 3 or 4 bundles. You can sew with these parts or you can only buy the bundles to sew on your own natural hair.

The reason why we choose the hair weave extensions instead of the finished wig is that we can make a wig according to our own head circumference, to make the wig wearing more comfortable. The other reason is that the hair weave extensions we use to make a wig can be very thin. We can make a wig by using a HD lace cap, this can make sure the whole wig is made of lace. It’s a truly full lace wig, which is very thin and breathable. The wig cap of a finished wig or glueless wig is made of HD lace and canvas, although it is breathable and comfortable enough, the wearing experience compared to the hair weave extensions it's a little less impressive. And the price of the hair weave extensions is lower than a finished wig, after all, you should sew it by yourself. Buying a hair weave extension, other than the need to do it yourself has no other disadvantages.

How much do hair extensions cost

Before you buy a wig, you will compare the wig quality and the price of every texture and species in every store. About the wig type, whether it is a lace wig or hair extensions or clips in hair, you can choose the type you like and suit you.

How much are extensions for hair

Traditionally, the hair bundles extensions are combined with one lace closure or frontal and 3 or 4 bundles. You can use these parts to sewn into a complete wig. These parts are sold as a single unit. If you want to sew extensions by using the bundles, of course, you can buy bundles singly.

How much are clip in hair extensions

If you think the hair weave extensions are too troublesome and time-consuming, you can try this kinky curly clips in hair extensions. This is a wig closure with many little clips on it. This is not a whole wig and not need to wear a wig cap and add glue. It's a kind of wig piece, when you wear it, just add it to your own hair and you can use your natural hair to cover the splice of the wig and real hair. Clip in hair extensions is convenient and save time, you can wear and take them out every day because they only need to be worn through the clip. The clip in hair extensions can add volume to your hair and can largely keep it natural when you make some changes to your hair.

How much are sew in hair extensions

Sew in hair extensions are similar to hair weave extensions, the difference is that the hair weave extensions have a lace closure and you should use these parts to sew a wig. The sew in hair extensions only have a bundle and you can use natural hair to weave a horizontal braid over your head and sew the bundle onto the braid to add your hair volume. This kind of hair extension can be relatively troublesome, as it requires assistance and cannot be done independently. But the wearing effect is better because directly sewn on without the need for a clip. It reduces the weight of hair extensions and achieves the natural effect.

Take kinky curly for example, different lengths of hair weave extensions, clip in hair extensions versus sew in hair extensions.


Each wig has its own unique advantages and can be chosen according to your own situation and needs. In conclusion, the average cost of hair extensions is about $100, the price of the hair weave extensions is relatively higher, and the clip in hair extensions is lower, but there is no large difference among them. If your budget is limited and you want to buy a convenient hair extension product, clip in hair extensions are perfect for you. So, the cost of hair extensions is decided by your choice.

How do hair extensions work

Hair weave extensions


1. Prepare a mannequin head, attach the wig cap to the model, and fix the lace closure with t pins in a proper and centered position, which will directly affect the effect of wig sewing.

2. With a white pen, draw a line one finger apart across the top of the human hair wig, up to the top of the head.

3. Take a bundle, start at the end of the hair, and sew from left to right and then from right to left. Along the hairline and the horizontal line that just drew.

4. Once you are finished sewing, sew together the closure and bundle junctions. Then you fix the wig, and you're done.

Clip in hair extensions

1. First, brush your natural hair, then divide it into even upper and lower sections. Or part out where you want to add hair.

2. Open the clip, place the clip in hair extensionson your head, and secure the clip. Make sure the clip in hair extensions is placed in a suitable place.

3. Manage your hair and make sure the clips are covered by your natural hair.


Sew in hair extensions

1. Start by brushing your natural hair, then part a section of hair from where you want to extend it (generally in the middle of your head) and weave it sideways into a braid.

2. Take out the bundle and carefully sew the bundle onto the newly braided braid, so as to achieve perfect hair extensions, which are lighter and lighter than clip in hair extensions.

3. Manage your hair.


How long do hair extensions last

With the hair weave extensions, it's like a wig and you only need to sew it once, and then you can wear it as you like. Such wig hair loss and wear out are relatively small. Clip in hair extensions is also less frayed and can be worn directly on the head like a tiara. The lifespan of these two wigs is usually one to two years. Sew in hair extensions will wear out relatively quickly, as it needs to be sewn into your natural hair, and will typically last a year.

Final words

Hair weave extensions, clip in hair extensions, and sew in hair extensions, all three are very good choices, you can choose according to your own needs, and either will give you good results. If you're already a fan, head over to bgmgirl