27 hair color vs 30 hair color, which one is worth trying?Many people often don't know the difference between color 27 and color30, but they are not very close. In this article, you will learn the difference between them and how to choose.

What is a 27 hair color


27 hair color is a blonde color with honey tones. This is a color that is a little darker than blonde, and we usually call it honey blonde. It is a very gentle and bright color. If you've tried 613 wig and find it too bright, color 27 hair is a good choice. It allows you to have a bright hair color while the color is relatively muted.

27 hair color is a very suitable for fall color wigs, and now the more popular fall color wigs, 27 color is one of the most popular. Autumn is maple color, brown color, honey color. With this wig, we can be more integrated into nature and let the wig bring you a beautiful appearance.

What hair color is 30


30 hair color is a deep chestnut color, and if you think color 27 is too light, 30 color is a never go wrong choice. This style will be more suitable for fall and winter than hair color 27, because it is darker, and it will be easier for you to match your clothes. Because dark hair is more versatile. But after getting tired of looking at black hair, a unique colorful wig is perfect.

What’s the difference between the color 27 and 30 color

The main difference between color 27 and 30 color is that they are different color system, color 27 is a blonde color system and color 30 is a brown color system.

Hue difference

Color 27 hair is yellow and has a reddish brown wig tint on top of blonde. So, its overall color is yellowish, and the difference between it and blonde is that it's a little redder than blonde.

30 color belongs to the brown series, which is a maple red-brown with a little red tone added to brown. So, its overall color is brownish. Its color is very similar to reddish brown, but reddish brown can be very reddish, and 30 hair color is reddish.

Shade of color difference

The hair is very light and almost the same color as blonde, so girls who like lighter colors can buy this wig. If you've never tried light hair or don't like it, 27 hair color is the best choice.

30 hair color is a relatively dark color, it has a brown tone, brown is a dark color and easy to pull off. If you want to change your look, but don't want to be too adventurous, 30 in hair color is the best choice for you.The only difference between 27 and 30 hair color is their hue and shade of color.

How to choose the 27 and 30 hair color wig that suit me

The main difference between hair color 27 and hair color 30 human hair wig is that hair color 27 looks lighter than hair color 30. Hair color 27 falls under the blonde scheme, while hair color 30 falls under the brown.

When choosing a hair color, you should consider her two key factors: natural hair color and skin tone. When choosing hair extensions to add length and volume to your hair, choose a hair color that closely resembles your natural hair. This allows the hair extensions to blend better into your natural hair, creating a low-key, fluffy look. must choose If you want the wig to cover all of your natural hair, you should choose a colored wig that matches your skin tone. Hair color 27 usually suits fair skin tones and hair color 30 suits dark skin tones well.

1. Match your natural hair color
If you plan to dye or grow your hair in one of these colors, choosing a color that matches your natural hair color seems like the best choice. Natural brown hair is best suited for hair colors 27 and 30. Honey blonde and auburn hair extensions combine perfectly with brown hair for a brown balayage look. Hair Color 27 is perfect if you want to add some highlights to your hair.

2. Choose a color that matches your skin tone
Hair Color 27 is suitable for fair skin tones, including light brown skin. If you have a dark complexion, 30 different hair colors will help you highlight your best features.

Final words

Color 27 and 30 color are very versatile colors and also very popular colored wigs. You can be bold according to their own preferences to choose, there is always a wig for you.